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Jacob Kerr is our producer. We're following breaking developments to this afternoon as the chair of the D.C. council says he is withdrawing a new crime bill that could be overturned by the U.S. Senate in a disapproval resolution as soon as this week. But it's likely that a Senate vote will still take place. We hear that from WTO's Mitchell Miller. Today on the hill. Council chair film mendelsohn has written a letter to the Senate letting lawmakers know he wants to pull the criminal reform measure, his action comes just days ahead of a scheduled vote, and the likelihood that D.C. bill would be rescinded. This is not about the substance of the bill itself. This is about using the district for national political purposes. Republicans have been sharply critical of the measure, which would lighten mandatory penalties for several violent crimes. And some Democrats have indicated they join them in voting to block the bill. Mendelssohn himself acknowledges his withdrawal of the bill is unprecedented and it's still possible the Senate vote could go forward. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO, B news. The now former mayor of college park will not be released on bond. As he faces more than 50, child pornography charges. John dolman was in the prince George's county courtroom today. About a dozen people were there in support of 47 year old Patrick wayan and his lawyer admitted to the judge at all of them assumed the former college park mayor's guilty. But he also argued that possessing child pornography didn't make why on a threat in that yon would have the support needed to not be a danger. After casting doubt on how cooperative yon was early on, the crux of the prosecution's arguments against letting Y on add on Bond was. These images were disgusting. The details described in court two graphic to describe here. State's attorney Aisha brave boy simply saying they're just absolutely just outrageous. And why on

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