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I remember five dollars a day being the money back then people say oh that's much was it frequented a lot where people because back then you know is a good drive to get out in that vicinity in the metro detroit area yeah in wixom road was road down just a little to tractor at road and garden rose was just a little track too so i remember those days of like it was yesterday and in fact alan haven how has it grown over all these years how many canoes how many kayaks review added we have about one hundred fifty can use now in about a hundred kayaks interesting thing is that the kayak business has grown so much in the last probably five years we're now running as many as we are canoes i always liked the kayaks better you know that when i stop out there always pick the kayak i because i think and you're the expert here is the owner of the hefner canoe and kayak rental it seems safer it seems like you can tip over less than you can in a canoe you're sitting right down the water i mean your your your center of gravity is so when you're in a kayak you're just sitting right in the water and it's it's pretty cool how what about the different routes you can take starting out there for example using proud late state recreation my favorite is to paddle from your place into downtown milford that takes do i wanna say forty forty five minutes it's about an hour panel and the interesting thing is by the way in terms of the kayak said that going into milford now we have kids as young as seven eight nine ten years old getting these kids kayaks and they sometimes pedal circles around mom and dad so the kids interest in our no child left inside is really our mission we're trying to get kids of all ages into the outside in this kaik experience a canoe experiences sort of a of the beginning level getting kids outside and hopefully they'll have a love affair their whole life of the doors is what's happened to me.

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