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And they want football players they want guys that want to be a part of this thing and i think it's also important that john lynch in this new regime start to reward guys that performed for this team you wanna make this attractive destination so we're gonna talk about good ones contract extension and a little forty nine is for a few minutes but my friend brian peacock locked on forty nine his podcast and he's also the champion of my fantasy football league be i don't brother abu graveman how are you i'm doing terrific sewa initial take ways of the goodwin contract welldeserved in in all my my take on this be is it's so important offer for lynching company to start paying off some of these guys and to start showing that hey you know it we're not just gonna pay jimmy g we're going to pay people that perform well for us that it exceed expectations they were under no obligation to extend marquees goodwin right now but they wanted to make sure they got it done they want to keep him around here for a while and he's going to be a big part of this offense in 2018 yeah i loved the contract because it says a lot of things about the organisation look first ball he's a great person and he's he's what they want in the locker room and he was a great player for them so he he you know he outplayed his contract with the forty nine or so i loved that they're rewarding him with the contract d in the player but he was and they're kind of saying look you deserve stars money so it's not a huge contract but he's getting low end nfl starting wide receiver muddy and in look as someone who's expecting father and knowing what marquees goodwin went through in that touchdown against gets the the new york giants and if you know do the whole story marqui good with gives me good feelings of i'm really glad he got that contracting and i don't think there's any equal irish fans they'd have uh anything but ultimate respect for markeith loyd right now yeah and all yeah by the way i was playing golf with are good buddy nick winkler the daily said yeah you and your later expecting so congratulations v thank.

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