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Preventing and managing AMD. That's one eight hundred two four six five two. Coming up tomorrow on the opening bell. We'll have a regular Friday visitors with us, Paul Nolte from kingsview asset management, Bill, be along go through more of the interest rate decision with Paul and talk a little bit more about our portfolios. Also tomorrow, Brian summers will be here from skiff dot com with some aviation news all that coming up tomorrow morning, right here on seven twenty WGN and the opening bell. I'll continue to follow your money throughout the morning right here on seven twenty WGN in the St.. Cochran show. Coming up next. Let's vote over to the other studio. We're standing by for the Steve Cochran show. Mary van Velde, I believe Mark Harmon waiting in the wings as well. Wondering everybody got morning. Good morning. Now I can barely see either of you because of the fog again this morning. That's nasty again. So, well, this is the new normal. This is the new beautiful. We should all just embrace it and love it and tomorrow, sunny. We'll say it's cloudy. Now. We know how they feel in the Pacific northwest. You know, it's melting in Greenland Steve. I know you know, this big all right? Big show coming up here. Good morning, everybody. Hear the sounds that matter the top five at five of the Rokon show and ended want this weekday afternoons on seven twenty WGN Chicago. Smart speaker users just say, play WGN radio and tune in. Good morning, six oh one with your news. Here's the next Mark heavy rains, at O'Hare of tapered off its light drizzle fog and mist now fifty nine at the airport FBI agents yesterday, raided the far south side of thirty four dollars and Carrie Austin? She is the second longest serving alderman, in the city behind alderman, Ed Burke. He's facing federal charges. It's not clear. What agents were looking for inside Austin's office at one hundred eleven and normal across the street from her. home charges been filed yet a federal judge in chicago will hand down a sentence for former twentieth ward alderman willie cochran today he pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud back in march he's accused of taking money out of a charity fund and abusing it the papers personal expenses faces up to year and a half in prison defense lawyers are asking for six months home confinement u._s. officials tell a._b._c. news that ronnie enforces have shot down an armed u._s. drone at the u._s. says it was flying over the strait of hormuz a._b._c.'s luis martinez covering the pentagon iran used the surface to air missile to shoot down the u._s. navy and q. foresee reconnaissance thrown as it flew in international airspace above the street of hormuz according to a u._s. official romney enforces this beat that claim they say it was flying over southern iran and last week u._s. military fficials had rented fired on another u._s. drone in that same region state officials have ordered changes at a steel mill in indiana they described poor working condition w don clemson indiana's ocupation safety and health administration put the order to arcelormittal indiana harbor in east chicago saying worker there was exposed to dust containing lead at twenty times the allowed limit and cadmium at fourteen times the limit for eight hours arcelormittal spokeswoman mary beth holford says the company has quote robust programs to comply with safety standards of the male is being fined ten thousand dollars down clip and w._g._n. news couple of things to watch for today president trump welcomes canadian prime minister justin trudeau to the white house they're expected to talk about the u._s. mexico canada agreement on trade it's currently stalled on capitol hill the u._s. supreme court is expected to announce decisions on a handful of pending cases among them that could possibly hear rulings on partisan gerrymandering a census citizenship question cross monuments on public land and racial bias in juries u._s. secretary of state mike pompeo expected to release the state department's annual trafficking in persons report reuters is reporting that pompeo dismissed his experts findings and blocked the inclusion of saudi arabia on a list of countries that have been identified to have taken part in recruiting child soldiers w._g._n. sports now mark karmen good morning temperatures in the fifties at wrigley field but that didn't stop kevin powell from covering cubs and white sox part two after the first two at wrigley it's clear the sox cubs rivalry has reached a different level than in recent years like either ascending absolutely they they're starting to get that vibe like i said they got young athletes that's show madden after the cubs win on a cold and rainy night it's just a split but the socks are at a nine game improvement from this time last year and continue to linger in the playoff race while the cubs are in the hunt for another deep postseason run which should make the next two on the south side july sixth and seventh a whole lot of fun no doubt about it as seven three the final last night big night for wilson contrast to home runs including eight grand slam the bottom of the first inning rough night from lucas g lido Who got knocked around contrast loves playing on June. The nineteenth that was his major league debut three years ago. He had a home run in that game. And he homered last June nineteenth, and then to last night cubs welcoming in the New York Mets tonight, the White Sox with a day off moving down to play. The, the Texas Rangers going down to AAA the cubs bringing up advert as away. He's their top pitching prospect, six starts this year thirty two innings pitched twenty four hits six walks the sky will be pitching out of the bullpen, and perhaps, we'll get into night as Tyler start Chatwin has not been stretched out, so maybe as will pitch in the fifth or sixth tonight, the Yankees have released former White Sox reliever Danny Farquhar, who was trying to make a comeback from the brain hammers that he had last season with the socks he'd been pitching in triple eight basketball. The Chicago sky, beat the New York liberty ninety one eighty three the sky or five and two. I'm our karma, WGN sports. Isn't it time you amplify your life? 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