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Might be there Santa Clara not Santa Clara Pacific might be in that group of center so I was surprised at B. Y. U. which has played very well it's only a short favor did want to play on the road but that was one of those maybe take a little bit of a look thirteen LMU is we told you they took care of business seventy seven sixty five over Portland is a final in overtime cal state Bakersfield a one point we do not cover game doesn't come close to going over even with the extra five minutes on the it's one fifteen fifty fifty seven Bakersfield be Utah valley pepper die lead Santa Clara forty six seconds remaining ninety to eighty six in overtime keep an eye on that one Santa Clara four point favorites right now pepper done leads by four and games that are going right now in fact that is the final know paper done is beaten Santa Clara ninety eight eighty six fifty eight forty eight St Mary's now up by ten which is thirty five seconds left laying ten got that down to nine total one forty game doesn't have a prayer to go over keep an eye on that right next is right by the the number forty three thirty four now Oregon ducks opening it up and Matthew knight arena of nine on southern cal thirteen thirty two to go and UCLA's lead down to six at Corvallis forty two thirty six over Oregon state and not gonna get into the extra board outside of any you told me liberty lost to north Florida I think they were five or six point road favorite a loss for the seventy one seventy seven questions of the one seventy one delegate and they were there clearly the best team in the Atlantic sun they had a very good run in the tournament last year the into the whole Asian they should win the conference tournament but then again this is one of those conferences that do you have a great regular season if you don't win the regular if you don't win this the conference tournament then you were relegated to the N. I. T. or one of those other terms that you pay to get into what your feeling on that you know I mean because we see it all the time the the teens I I know they're trying to do the best they can is forced to move forward the top two teams inside the conference doing the best they can to make sure they get a double by and you know sometimes it's good sometimes it's not because sometimes one of the other teams and even if they play two games now all of a sudden if it's on a neutral court they're focused in on that court there the lighting the basket they played a couple games under their belt and so why you would think okay the team that's well rested gonna take your business but also in some teams come out and the distro shooting yeah and it's a dilemma that some of these conferences have to consider do they want to hold a post season tournament and risk the team that made on eighteen and OO in say the Atlantic sun losing in the conference tournament in those taking away perhaps their best chance to win a game in the first round of the NC double a tournament albeit as a fifteen seed most likely sometimes a sixteen sometimes forty or thirty depending upon the conference in the year versus the TV money that the conference get by having ESPN telecast their conference championship game sometimes some of these coverages will get their semifinal games the telecast as well so and I've always felt that then and you can't do unless you eliminate the the postseason tournament at the conference should have the right to to send its representative so let's say the a liberty well they can't now but let's say they were though eighteen and in the Atlantic sun and they get knocked out in the finals of I let's say a Lipscomb or something that the conference would say okay we're gonna so liberty though that the team that had the better regular season and gives us the best chance to pull off a first round upset at the same time it renders the conference tournament meaningless and a little team from Lipscomb let's say in this example say Hey we won the tournament were playing and we won the game that counts which would kill more than the regular season so that's the dilemma but that's where the TV money comes into play and you know you're getting that guaranteed money and you have to enter the NC double a tournament and again I don't know what the monetary numbers are I'm guessing they probably get much more money for telecasting a conference championship game then they would get if the one one round in the NC double a tournament although.

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