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Race horses have died at the santa anita track near l._a. this winter is it the track is horse racing at south whatever the cause at this point santa anita's biggest race of the year is slated to take place this weekend i'm penny nelson to hear more about what's happening at the racetrack and other stories from around the state tune into the california report on k. q. e. d. public radio the california report every weekday morning at nine minutes before six nine minutes before seven and nine minutes before nine support for k. q. e. d. comes from u._c._s._f. benny off children's hospital presenting notes in words an evening of music and storytelling featuring helen hunt and ryan tetter saturday april twenty-seventh at the fox theater in oakland learn more at notes and words dot org and european sleep works the store that bases its design and materials on research factors affecting sleep including comfort and support humidity levels and ease of breathing details online about their mattresses and bedding at sleepworks dot com mostly cloudy skies through the overnight temperatures will right now fifty six degrees in san francisco fifty six also in concord fifty four and santa rosa g. seven in san jose it's sixty three degrees in oakland it'll be mild and cloudy with a chance of rain for our wednesday cloudy on thursday rain in earnest on friday support for n._p._r. comes from this station and from the kauffman foundation working together with communities.

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