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Madden i won't expand this i'll let him expand on this but rawson thurber the act like him himself eating create himself he is in madden eighteen so you can pause right now and go check or we'll talk about that as well and of course skyscraper much more set that's our first interview coming up later on the podcast but anything else were again to news guys anything that happened the last twenty four hours since we last recorded yeah i'm done eating quest bars because they make you wanna poop too much okay too much fiber there's a lot of fiber do they have fiber enquist bars yeah it's like one third fiber it's solved block of fiber and protein those things just gung up your system good tasting protein bars the best protein bars i not kind of free yeah i i would agree but they make you didn't cut it free ad you just said they make you too much sits did you take the good with that we'll be talking more about putin later on pu later on than his we are talking about poo and we're not not the poodle usually talk about let's started out though this is news actually just came out recently on a recording which is tuesday july tenth the joker solo film with joaquin phoenix has been officially green lit by warner brothers and it's going to be coming out as early as late two thousand nineteen according to our friends over at screen rant dot com not too much else about it todd phillips is going to be directing scott silver co wrote the script so yeah i mean that's all we got on information but we talked about this a few weeks ago where do we stand with the joaquin phoenix joker movie because remember there's also going to probably be another one a separate joker movie with jared leto i'm z this one excited for because i love walking phoenix and i think he has the right mind to do a joker like like a unique take on the joker this one takes place in the eighties and i don't think the budget's all that big like fifty million from what i read nice gritty definitely me smaller budget a low budget always goes back to gritty yeah it's like i mean it's going to be gritty yeah it will be good i i like the casting i like seeing 'em in this role i like it better than jared leto no fence jared leto yeah i think both have unique style that they could bring the joker someone was kind of happy that we're going to get two different versions of the joker that make sense and i just hope that walking phoenix because he sort of similar in acting range to heath ledger that doesn't try and do a sort of an impression of heath ledger in that he makes his own role which presumably wilson's different setting and all that yeah i into into the joker verse yeah twenty joker spider man movie into the referencing there that'd be pretty cool actually thing about that like a bunch of random jokers like.

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