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Originally this was kind of like an orphanage. it was much more than just an orphanage. It was it was the poor house. It was not even retirement if you were old and had no family no money. This is a plan like a christian charity. They would help people learn skills. They would help orphans. They would help. People with different types of learning disabilities was really a catholic charity. I mean the building is spectacular. But what really makes it. A unesco world heritage site are the murals by jose clinto skull and orosco skull. These are considered as masterpieces. He's got. I think is like fifty four murals within the building and the most famous is man on fire or brian. Yama which is on the main Dome dome coppola. I couldn't remember what cucolo and there's a couple of different interpretations of this. The one that. I liked the most. Because i just i love talking about the big. Three bureau list is that it is a representation of the man walking and fire and as you turn a little bit you turn your head. It looks like the man is walking in the flames are kind of moving. And the big. Three are jose clemente skull davos garrels deeg rivera and their teacher was dr atoll. Who is more real. Who was a little bit. He's a generation older than them. He was a teacher. At the san carlos institute in mexico city. He was also from the state of coleco. He was really into volcanoes and water..

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