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I'm the son of a third ten years the farmers godfearing hardworking combine driver up the road our luggage miles an hour hey walkabout it's friday we're not really expecting rain out today but you can cut the humidity and bag it and take it home it's horrible it is really bad hopefully the humidity goes away this weekend it's going to be around for a while because as long as there's rain clouds in the vicinity and the heat's where it's you know what's so funny is it yesterday i was outside doing some work and those eighty two degrees this when i was out and i mean i'm sweating but you know when you've gotta take your shirt off and wring it out and let it dry out and of course you know you put it back on at stiff as a board so there's a visual for everybody joe locke is probably gonna pop out a little bit later on oh just kinda comes in hangs out with us on friday trying to filter out what's going on throughout the course of the week but what's going on throughout the course of the week is much the same as what happened last week the week before that the week before that and all the other weeks before those weeks and this very week last year with the exception of a memo yeah that was had redaction i'm sorry tired of investigations rudy giuliani now out there screaming robert mueller needs to stop can you imagine the things that we might be able to accomplish in this country if we weren't constantly under this constant state of investigation they're not stupid they they get to the bottom of corruption now they are stupid because crops you might come to the surface but nothing can be done about it government unfortunately even at the state national level is by its nature and it wasn't intended to be this way but by its nature is corrupt the issue here is what they find because we could sit here like every other talk radio show pardon me in america today and break down the i g report and about halfway through it if it takes that long i will probably begin to snore on the air because who cares if we're not going to do anything about it because if we have had as we have documented many times on.

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