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Dion branch, Aaron Hernandez call eighteen. Daniel, Graham and Ben watching too tight ends caught seventeen David Patten and James white. They've caught sixteen Choi, Brown caught fifteen Christian fauria thirteen. David givens, twelve, Chris, HOGAN, Kevin Faulk. Danny amendola ten. In those the only members of the seventy one different receiver touchdown club with double digits from Brady, Mike Gabel caught eight one more than Brandin cooks, Shane, vereen, and Brandon fell caught here. The six touchdown club members Jabbar Gafni Tim, right? Martellus Bennett Dion Lewis caught five. These all caught four from Brady Scott, Chandler, Malcolm Mitchell, Aaron, Dobson. Danny Woodhead Rashaid Caldwell. Yeah. Brandon Lloyd Bethel Johnson Dante stallworth Ken Brel, Tompkins. Here's the one who caught three Rex Burkhead Doug Gabriel. Jermaine Wiggins Antoine Smith. Chad, Jackson, the two touchdown member club, Corey Dillon, Sam, Aken, Donald Hays, Kyle Brady Keyshawn Martin Chris Baker, Mark Edward. Ads algae Crump ler every random. Take Philip door set tempt white, Brandon, Bolden Jeff, Fisher's favourite Cordeiro. Patterson is now called too, and here's the single touchdown club, Dwayne Allen, Terry. Glenn, Michael Floyd heath Evans Larry centers Bryant, Tim's Patrick pass, Michael. Motto. I blew it who man who man Ocho Cinco Tom Ashworth, David, Thomas Charles Johnson Laurence Maroney Andre Davis. Matthew mulligan, Matt Lango, Dietrich ward. Cam Cleland, la- Garrett, blunt, and Josh Gordon. Wow. And Tom Brady is the goat throw into all of those guys. I mean, those guys are hall of famers gronk Randy moss. That's it. Okay, so system. How about the guy makes the system. You give them whatever you can and he'll make it work. No wonder. Bella check says he wouldn't want to have any other quarterback, Tom Brady. Eight,

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