Pruitt, Panama Trump Hotel, Ben Carson discussed on Ring of Fire


Mean pruitt is especially interesting case because he's not only got this kind of quotas i libertarian law the jungle you know if you can't afford your own chemical caster well too bad for you um he's also got this religious thing going to he's he's super super religious and he's taking on the pope on this poking you know that we have to protect the environment can he's saying you know the the the heat he pulls this dominion ism thing out of the hat and claims that there's some biblical um you know mandate to do whatever we want to the earth because you know we're put here on earth to have dominion over the plants and animals and everything i mean this is crazy time it's crazy time i mean even to the point where you have people like ben carson head of housing and urban development slashing the hell out of everything in that budget for teachers for schools for housing for everything and he you know there's there's uh carson spending thirty five thousand dollars on any desk at a we've government money i mean that's the kind of thing that's happening or you know pruitt being a being unwilling to drive you know writing coach on a plane anymore because someone said something mean to him so now he has to fly first class and everybody knows your head and okay well that makes sense i mean what in the world is going on here and yet it's becoming so normal like i said that nlrb decision is the normally that someone actually said gosh you know we had a conflict of interest here so we're gonna have to uh you know to remove him recuse him from that boat which means that it didn't go through i mean it's it's just it's it's astonishing and it just goes all the way to the top one more down in panama trump hotel down there is having you know there's a an ownership issue that made the majority owner of the hotel which has the trump brand on it he wants to remove the.

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