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The light hearted you know got some gotten his voices also like so like this not only is accident that like it's only right it's like i mean we do poem try to read poetry to know but he said to me you know what kid you great kid 'cause you real but he was so wasted to all the time i love i love him i think he's great it's just it's added yeah there was a sad thing and then stephen baldwin was also sad sad affair cheese even baldwin this i'm sorry guys can't see this but it's just the duck compounding all duck face and the funny thing is he asked a million questions to ask to the character's motivation and the scene and stuff like that but then he does it exactly the same way doesn't matter always insane does he ask what my character have for breakfast 'cause i gotta know how feel about the scene basically dude were always do while was this and every all my god can we shoot this because you just going to do it the same way anyway doesn't matter you'll start clapping up to the fifth take all my car i really get this characters history neck thankless even baldwin aggie is going to be so much better because of bills question it's interesting the oscars are so politically wow definitely got that one and the movie is insane i think that the director got like a special deal on cgi flies because he literally put cgi flies and everything and we didn't even know he didn't even tell us so we're not acting like the bug like the bug no need for no just fucking and every scene everywhere all the time and they're like these little weird as alien flies i wish somebody would've told me i would've like swatted one i'm walking around mouth is open flies everywhere and he seem like a bad actress because you're not relating to what's around you god i seem that i hope please don't watch this movie i know it somewhere to get really stoned one of the funniest movies you'll ever seen your life if your sound the guy that you're seeing now it's long distance and it's long distance for four years this is the secret i don't know what undoing keep going into these old roles right well they call it when you raise that way she must can help it like how everybody's racist institutionalized you know like we don't know selffulfilling prophecy with did you make a bad wish when you were five but we we have institutionalized dating and i think i'm supposed to be next to the person i'm dating but i know the.

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