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The case being made for military action against syria's president assad by the leaders of america france and britain but syria's opposition groups have more of an ambition they gather under the umbrella of what's called the high negotiations committee which meets regularly with western governments and calling for decisive action to deter what they call the syrian government's killing machine i've been speaking to dr nassar al hariri he's that chief negotiator extra videos broach by digit on of the gm and its allies and pushing the political process to achieve what is it can transition which is mentioned in the supreme council unfortunately that japan its allies don't understand any language any language since the military language when more booming cost more lives in syria rather than bringing about peace what can we do it's a good choice wait until the civilian of syria by continuous stop by bombardment by using all and we bought including so now we've gone four we've going to warrant using more points but at the same time we have to buy some from this tragedy and bring the syrian crisis to an end to each to without seriousness of the international community will not come negotiation he believe in solution is committed to their military starts but you have called in the high negotiations committee so sad to go there have been eight rounds of the peace talks in geneva they collapse each time isn't the truth that in the meantime president assad is being winning this war no and nine nine rounds of negotiation without any this because the main obstacle of negotiation but they didn't win the war now at least we have fifty based on of the syrian territory is outside his control more than half of the also out outside of its control even those areas which is under the control in reality it's not under the control of its end of the diet control of russia and iran and doing i know without iran and russia interference that is jim will not be able to win of the.

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