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Hi moneymanager start worrying that investors will swap out of stocks and abuts once got a lot of risk the former the latter much less on friday the you'll in the tenure that's the us treasury that's the risk free acid went north of two point eight percent jay continued higher hitting two point eight percent until dropping rapidly if true is what we had which quotas flight to safety now keep in mind this is up from route two percent september they percentage gang the reason why we got a fabulous job support friday in particular we saw two point nine percent increase in wages that's the highest yearoveryear increase since two thousand nine i can't stressed the importance this enough because it seems like people are thinking inflation spat higher wages i find or terrific for people worked for a living but wage inflation is scary to investors the rich investors by the way it's okay because it means the federal reserve might be forced to tighten more aggressively the ecb expecting and the value of their stocks in the app years we worth less again i think the economy can handle four rate hikes this year but it vic effect gets more aggressive under j pal i it's not unreasonable to worry the too many tightening so could hit the brakes on this economy cleveland housing by the way but the weakest in europe together with surging by yeltsin fight it was going to be awful matter what awfulness they continue today but to make matters worse be got some highprofile earnings disappointments to gamely alpha apple which was really about forward thinking the court herself was magnificent and alphabet which is really about former thinking backwards who's the quartered self was less than expected to our some tours comes on earth i say outage however the worst hit segment of the market on friday was the energy space the price crew get slant exxon mobil reported exxon reporter an ugly quarter chevron deliver better numbers feted stock still got hurt it's been up to heart to i that group is just being crushed your which is a sign that some investors are worried about a recession i don't see one and i would also don't see if we're having inflation i don't see it recession okay it doesn't work like that now.

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