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A state politics to call on rosenberg to resign from the senate i give him credit for that you know gig i mean i know it's a you know it's a it it's just a a move to grab some attention but at least he sat at you'll have momma show jay gonzalez i don't i don't give him that much credit i don't need that i don't need the talk i'll read a statement though right now the senate president husband abused his unwarranted access and influence to undermine the integrity of our state government and to terror right this is a strong statement and to terrorise assault and harassed some who work in and with government therefore for those who suffered sexual assault and harassment at the hands of pewee her i mean brian hafner to lift the cloud hanging over the senate in for all the important work the senate needs to focus on how to do for the people of the state i believe sinn stan rosenberg should resign from the state senate the away that's a good statement that with but i would change demand to i would change believed to i demand that you would say that the good statement million chickens allah sounds like a homophobe to me but he's a he's got no future democrat politics hour he's easy he is a former budget chief in the patrick administration so i i think he's an underdog in the democratic fight but he's you know he's making it easy lista easily trying to do something different all right eight four four five hundred forty two forty two six one seven did baker say no department is perfect that would be a good thing to say that's that jeff sessions line he's copyrighted that six one seven two or seven such courage tall devolve yes exactly.

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