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Everybody but i personally am used to it and i really love it but i had to shut out this land because it is just oh my god and the and it's a fifteen dollars for the ten of it like i said a little goes a long way but i was just curious how sent plays a role in your days because i realized it's so important to my day like it really is is whether it's the center. I'm wearing whether. It's the umbrella as soon as i wake up whether it's the senate that my body needs at night in the shower to know that it's time to wind down. It's like it. Just it activates the different parts of my day and kinda like sets the tone for what the day for what that part of my day is looking for. You know whether. It's energy whether it's ease and i was reading on the harvard an insane because you know how smile is linked to memory. That's why you ever walked by someone and smell the cologne. And it makes you think someone like someone else's yes and you'd be like oh like you like. Wow that's crazy that that made me transports who would completely different time. Something was worse than we take the time to break down the sit and how it smells on somebody else. Never mind sorry. I'm sorry. let me get 'cause. I walked past the woman the day smell like white diamonds and thought about that. Oh mean hateful. Last principal ms mold. I had lightly. I got so mad. I'm saying but you see had brought you back to her to a very specific person. Do and even certain smells that you think are your grandma because you like. This is my grandma's perfume. Like this is that smell that scent or xs or people you would just always around And on the harvard side of saying smells are handled by the olfactory bulb. Which is the structure in the front of the brain that sends information to other areas of the body like the central command for processing all caribbean. But those but those orders take a direct route to the limbic system. Which has the amid dylan. The hippocampus and this is the region that relates to emotion and memory. So that means there's like a direct as soon as you smell. Something is boom right to the memory and emotions. Which is why i feel so heavily connected to these sense and they play such a big part of my day in how i want my data feel and just think that that's so cool and i always wondered if people ever really take the time to create those relationships with sense to of control how they want their data field. I remember ha's actually had a section on the tour where we played a game with essential oils. And she had them. She poured them onto different Cotton balls wow. Couldn't think of the word balls. She put them on the cotton ball. And then you had to go through the different sense and kind of talk about like what it made you think of what it reminds you of and that was probably one of the most fun parts of the tour because for some people certain sense or like a wonderful memory for other people that were pissed by what it made them. Think it's the relationship. Descent is the fact that is so connected to memory to me is one of the coolest things and so something. I just wanted to see with you guys and especially our listeners. I'm curious like do sense. Play a role in your day whether it's what you're wearing or the mood. Are you going to meditate even descent. Play a role when you're trying to create romance Hell yeah. I know you've got to do is wash your ass for you coming up around. I'm definitely going to do the same for you. And furthermore important to you by your partner smell. You smell like how the room smells. How the sheets smile. Yes land up in his stake in house was wash. Your new meaning in one of my favorite things is a bath and body works. Put learn plug in hor like. I just love them down plug ins just leaving them because know they got the light so they'll be like night lights in the hallway and the guy laroche our walk by in the middle of the nine about who smoke good out here and then sometimes do like polarizing sense on the hallway. It'll osma one way but then you go into the bathroom and it smells different. Yes it was like you walk in. The dark is like i'm lead. It's i don't even gotta to look for the little lights or whatever it's like. I'm kind of just led by the center where i'm at and everybody gets a little things little jars you can usually get him like in the checkout at tj maxx. You know places. Write them little jars with the little jail with the sent. You know what i'm talking about. Everybody got them blue. Repaint you know you take the ripped sticker off the top and it's the vents in lead so you can't just open it up but most black people by two and just opened the top saw. What am i going to do that. Then it comes to those the little beads. I always get the orange sense at once. I don't know why. Like sometimes why or i'll always will know there's the signatures on orange citrus smelly wants but the hawaiian breeze. I never get those ones cut through. This is something about it. Always have the energy edges. Yeah it prizes gives you energy and drawn to it. Right i have. I have a diffuser. That's in my bathroom. Like it's the bathroom diffuser. And i just leave it going on all day so when you go into the bathroom you know you have these actually the oil. That's that's in there. Now is the one that i did. In collaboration with highs with resonance apothecary..

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