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The Shell on bladensburg road in northeast Valerie bonk WTO news Two 34 CBS News special report Russia has fired cruise missiles into a military base in western Ukraine bringing the conflict closer to Poland where CBS is Steve federman is today Around 30 rocket slammed into the military base at least 35 people have been killed more than a 130 others injured and the death toll could go higher They are still going through some of the remnants at the air base and some of those injured have been very seriously wounded The mayor of key vitali Klitschko tells ABC his city has been putting up a good fight against the Russian invaders We have a lot of time It's we never lose the fight for our homeschool our future because whole population against Russia At levee and today Pope Francis cadet what he called the barbarianism of Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities and he called for them to stop as he said in the name of God CBS News special report I'm Christopher Cruise It is two 35 and meantime missiles are fired toward a U.S. diplomatic office in northern Iraq At least a dozen missiles were fired toward the U.S. consulate in Irvine Iraq senior U.S. official tells Fox News the missiles came from Iran That official says none of them made contact with the consulate which is new and unoccupied and all U.S. personnel are accounted for Nobody injured in addition no one has claimed responsibility The government of Iraq and the Kurdish regional government is investigating the last time missiles were fired from inside Iran was January 2020 in response to the U.S. killing of Iran's military commander Qasem Soleimani Sue gosman Fox News Iran claiming responsibility we're learning this afternoon for that attack national security adviser Jake Sullivan talks to CBS his face the nation about what this means for the nuclear talks As things stand right now the various negotiators are back home in their capitals And we will have to see what happens in the days ahead with respect to the diplomacy around the nuclear deal The deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman tells Fox News Sunday that the U.S. does not believe the American consulate in Iraq was the target instead calling it attack and attack on Iraq's sovereignty A new COVID outbreak in China leads to the shutdown of a major city The business and tech hub of Shenzhen a city of 17 million people in southern China went into lockdown on Sunday after 60 new COVID cases were confirmed there Restaurants are closed and employees will have to work from home all week while health workers begin the enormous task of testing every resident three times as part of an all out national effort to contain the worst COVID outbreak in China in two years CBS has Elizabeth Palmer reporting from Bangkok Thailand Coming up on WTO P after traffic and weather did The White House turn down calls last year to provide special training for Ukrainian forces before Russia attacked more on that coming up How many steps do you take before you have foot pain Hi it's Jonathan cotton with a good feed store and the truth is the battle between our feet and the concrete or asphalt usually winds up with our feet losing Studies show that about 75% of people will experience some kind of foot pain by middle age I found that out a number of years ago with plantar fasciitis and I tried to remedy it with shoes and drugstore cushions that didn't work Finally I went to.

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