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About winners and losers. You're the best hearing platform may not be the best investment. But I think it's a real good place to start Jason in New York Jason, Jim Jason from plain view, New York, claim your New York. Okay. I know that count. Well, what's up? Awesome town. I'm a long-time listener and a first time caller. I like that wanted. I wanted to add a stock to my portfolio that I believe is a good hedge against the train a trade war, and Taras. Okay. What are your thoughts on adding SE to my portfolio? I had I gave a corporate governance conference yesterday. And I got to speak with Josh who am I know, Josh's Brooklyn's very small part of, it's not it's too many people when it's more smaller right tantamount block. I think gets these absolutely terrific. I think you're getting into really good price. Most sixty two by even more. Why don't we go to Kyle in New Jersey? Kyle. Hey Jim, how's it going? Real good. I thought this might be no. The Carl fine. How about you amazing here, eatable Friday quick questions about nap chat with all this S regulatory drama going on with Facebook, and Google. Where do you think nap chat waving all this, and also up one hundred forty percent year to date? I think it's moved too much. I it's moved too much social media. I'm still gonna go at black a chapel. Facebook, I still believe in Instagram. Is an outfit today, that rang the bell really, really positive and Instagram. I look a hey. I don't like what's happening, and is what they did with privacy, but the advertisers still love it. That's the one to be this streaming space is getting crowded to put it mildly. And while it's unclear which companies will be the best investments. I think Disney Netflix mortar me there my fan favorites. But for me buddy had global race for sustainable energy. cO Vantaa is a woman leader in converting waste into power but can stock help deter trash.

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