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Reported that the average American is overpaying for car insurance. Did you know that searching for a better deal can take hours and most of the time results in a bombardment of unwanted spam? Calls and emails, and that sucks. Well, no longer. Thanks to the zebra dot com. Does E dot com is the nation's leading car insurance comparison site because it's the only place you can compare hundreds of policies from all the top carriers and choose the best for you. Plus, they will never sell your information to this Bammer. So you won't get all those on wanted calls or emails. You just answer a few questions on a simple fast form, and they find you the best rates and coverage in your state tech crunch said it's the best. They said it the best. The zebra is kayak for auto insurance. It's quick it's easy. Just an honest way to compare car insurance quotes for all of the top providers. All at once. This is how buying car insurance should be. Are you comparing insurance before you buy or are you not comparing before you buy? I mean, come on. What you don't today? Go today and start saving at the zebra dot com slash congrats. That's thus the zebra dot com slash congrat-. Spelled T H E Z E R A dot com slash congrats. Goat. This. How I buy my sneakers online. There's more than a coin flips chance that the shoe. You're looking at is fake. Did you know that? How can you be sure it's real dot com is the safest way to buy and sell authentic sneakers online. They're the largest marketplace in the world for two geeze Jordan's over six hundred thousand sneaker listings, they made the whole process friction lists and trustworthy. They. Do this by only accepting sellers with the best reputation and by verifying all sneakers to ensure their out this tizzy for buyers. Now, they that's if you want to buy these you could pay these prices for these shoes, you might as I mean, you gotta make sure that they're real right? You don't wanna get ripped off? And I do it here on goat..

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