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Reason i've been able to break through a little bit bainer is i go to the highest levels and i only talk business only business it's they're all cfo driven has nothing to do with the cmo it has nothing to do with the ceo just fucking math and i just talked business and the real businesses retailers are taking all their money because they're pouring all the money into trade they're barely marketing anymore and when market it's not working and listen the res i don't know where you work or what exact relationship but like i sit in these meetings i've not sat with a traditional creative shop that's playing around here and watch them deviate anything from thirty second spots and the media company forget about it they're not gonna let you have any breathing room because all their money's on programmatic and television they lose money on facebook they lose money doing proper parole google they lose money on influence that's going to prp they're not going to do that got it one of the reasons the agencies thanks is because the enemy a hundred thousand percent television say no and profitable and profitable funded is to be a big it's the only vantage a holding company has fainter media has won the digital media business from chase from montes from tons of companies because that's done on merit that's a skill if the planet you have to just a creative like it's a skill a holding company like wpn an omni com they just use their buying power to get a better rate with cbs abc i can't do that so that's their advantage then the upfront commit and then they forced their clients to spend on those platforms regardless if it matters to them or not it's it's it's crate recrinching yeah and and to to your yeah but i'll tell you this the facebook creative department i love a lot of those characters but they're not doing facebook any favors they're pushing things for facebook they're no different for example they tell everybody in here to make sure the logos shown in the first three seconds because the reporting of brain lift studies is predicated on that it's the worst thing you can do show person a brandon i reset of video they're out make video people actually want to watch their in we made a dunkin donuts video that we got shit on facebook by the client by the incumbents by everybody and fucking dominated because it was a music video and it's fucking funny and people liked it and then when we re targeted the people that watch two minutes and twelve seconds of it with a coupon fucking converted because they fucking we're happy with us because we did branding go figure sir what's your name signal to questions i come from mcc company marketing negation stuck show they come with some of them such shows sudden title more traditional media out i'm south some consumer it's because they they model the minimum internally to make that happen is number of a a hundred percent always just tony moment were actually still living better tongue one hundred percent the internal m's so again one of the great things that happen to me is i'm a businessman that came into the industry and every time somebody would say something you know i'll be honest with you i didn't come in with an opinion about television i was i thought it was fun to make television commercials and see them be like oh shit i mean that up like i get it when i came in i was like you're but of course your internal 'em is measuring tv better you made it that way like you made the scale it's like saying a scale measures your wait no shit didn't like hey calories don't matter because the scale measures your weight really got it that's what it is my friends like if you're not math nerd out how they for example seven what happens there's a human element to these eminem's so for example when people tell you internal numbers show better row as on tv or these things do you know that human beings allowed to come in ninety nine percent time and say well it was it was too nice outside this weekend and so we should adjust it by a couple percentage points because it wasn't fair on tv because it was sunny and people probably went to the beach and so for creatives or if you don't look you don't know if you're not educated so yes it.

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