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1980s spend eu excess and don't worry about the consequences tomorrow's here this is reaganomics at its finest uh so this is christian arroyo had to go in this deal and you know we saw royal come up last year and i felt like they too much was asked of him too soon and clearly at a major a hole in his swing and had to go back on i think the the worst part about last year for a royal was the fact that he got hurt and then wasn't able to come back up in september two two maybe showcase some of the things that he worked out look what were you at with arroyo in you know what do you think having to say goodbye to a prospect that they held in pretty high regard a little bit of a bitter pill to swallow i uh i think his defense at third last year really really really surprised me it didn't look like wow he's a short set playing third and he's pretty good at it whatever you look like he could be a plus plus defender at third base it when he got that you don't need to hit all that much we saw that with matt duffy you just don't need to be a forty will run guy to give a team exceptional value at third base that you can take it like that uh at the same time he was injured last year he was uh uh injured winter ball this year in his stats last year weren't so hot and he there are a lot of red flags it's not like you could just point to this guy i'd say this is the future this is this is a ten pull this is a guy that's going to be around for the next five six years after i in g you know you don't necessarily want to hold onto those guys left there they're are made of some red hair jim i at the same time i do i do regret that the giants had to trade him in the steel you know i would have been a little bit more comfortable they'd be so the pitching prospects uh but the giants of getting a lot of money back sofres are getting uh denard span off of the the payroll to getting some money additional money to.

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