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Now he's going to be gone nice to appreciate the call there man. Yeah so here's a question but this sort of plays into what we talked about before you know with Nikhil Harry gone and what we've seen from the receivers which outside of jakoby Myers hasn't been much and I know big money invested in Kendrick born in Nelson Aguilar they're not going anywhere. Do you think maybe this hastens the Patriots pursuing another wide receiver to add to this roster? And I threw this out there and you're more plugged in in the league than I am but you know I could foresee a swap maybe if you went to Arizona and said we'll give you Sony Michelle and maybe something else for Christian Kirk who was playing with basically scrubs in the first preseason game for the Cardinals and they didn't pick up his 5th year option. I mean look I'm up I'm up for Christian Kirk. I'm up for Andy Isabella. I'm up for any of those guys. I mean I don't know what I'm just trying to look. I don't know what Arizona has at running back. Not too much. Tell you that. Chase Edmonds is there. They have eno Benjamin you know but Kenyan Drake was the guy that they had lost and so they don't have a lot there. I don't know if coach handsome cliff Kingsbury really cares about running the football it would seem like they have a surplus of wide receivers. The Patriots have a surplus of running backs Kingsbury played for Bill Belichick. You know why don't you do the Donna favor here? Hey I love it Chris. I think it's a good match. I think you're on to something and I'll take I'll take any of their water cell. Take keyshawn Johnson for crying out. He's good. Yeah he's good too. He is. With two E's he's a good player. Just don't break just to bring something up here. All right so it's a 17 game season so maybe some teams want to hang on to those running back city your point Greg maybe they wait a little bit but this three game preseason I gotta admit I love fake football. I watched this stuff. I mean this game. Yeah well it's a Greg tonight it was not great. And I liked the first game. I liked the first game. Yeah I thought the first game was entertaining for a while this one. Yeah this one was this one was bad and again it's pretty easy to get number two. How do they handle priests to give them a three and I will say this after like the last two games so that we see like do they even need preseason anymore? Like at some point I feel like this is gonna be any preseason games. Well yeah I mean I was just doing a member chat over BSG today before the game and somebody was bringing up about how you know how they're going to handle it and this you know are they getting enough work and the preseason ball and I'm like look they had no preseason last year the football was fine for the most part. We're in an age like the new normal is they're not going to they don't tackle. They don't do anything. I mean the Patriots after this game you realize the Patriots are coming back. They're coming back tonight okay? They're not doing anything on the field until Monday. They have a three day weekend. I don't know you know it's Labor Day's a little early I guess for them but they have a three day weekend. They've done this before. I heard Michael Lombardi on his podcast talking to he talked to basically he must have been Belichick because that's all we talked to for the entire practice on I think it was Wednesday. And he said do you know he said by the time the Patriots cut down to 53? They're going to have 8 padded practices. That's I mean that's amazing. And but it's not like the Patriots have like pushed the envelope in terms of contact and pad practices. So but in general your point it's well taken. I don't know how much they need preseason last year showed you didn't really need it. And that's the new norm. I agree with you on that one. Now we have bob he's in Needham. He wants to get in on the pre season. What's going on bob? Well first of all guys they'll never get rid of the preseason because of the money because they make money on it. So that's a move point. Another thing we knew that sounded like you was jaylen is in the Miyagi and that we had press conference by the way. And then about to get Greg you were going to absolutely spot on about the quarterback competition. I don't always agree with you but on this case I absolutely think you are dead on the ceiling for Mac Jones is obviously much higher. Kim Newton unless something we're dividing into happens is not going to be on the team next year. So the faster you get back to integrated into this conference and it seems like he absolutely knows the playbook up and down. Now to mention the fact that the team obviously seems to be behind them as well. He makes roles that I don't think the anticipation to us that he makes are more advanced than Jim new mix and the thing about he has Greg the one thing about I'd be more worried about starting a Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville with that horrible offensive line. We actually have good running game and a good offensive line. So he's not going to take 45 sacks. So I have a Lawrence could that could damage people keep talking about his confidence? Would if he does it he's going to have a great run again and a good offensive line to play behind. So I don't think he's going to get deemed to a pulp like I could see the guy I guess New York the Jets have a pretty good offer to learn. But I think Jackson really has a terrible one. Thanks bob. Appreciate it man. We're up against sorry. I mean I think that's completely valid that and it's something that I keep bringing up that I think people miss is that. Just in terms of the running running backs the offensive line having two tight ends. I don't think you get better situations for a rookie quarterback to step in. A guy in the style of Mac Jones than this offense. Now I will say that and this is related to what we said talked about earlier is that look I don't think the passing offense is going to be clicking for a while. And the only thing that you worry about is Mac Jones is all right Mac Jones is a heady knows where everybody's supposed to be. But like say he's waiting for Kendrick Warren to come open and Kendrick one runs the wrong route and he's not there and all of a sudden Mac Jones gets decked. Like should you just let Cam Newton take the hits with guys who are learning the offense and then stick Mac Jones in later when they know the passing offense better? I think that's something that you think about. Yeah that's cam is sort of the sacrificial lamb. But at the risk of being accused of once again sort of demeaning the performance or diminishing the performance of Mac Jones I'll just point out you know he said he knows the offense up and down. That's great but remember these other teams aren't game planning. This is as vanilla as it gets defensively. Like let me see him adjust the blaze and do this stuff when the other teams are game planning and trying to confuse them. Because nobody out there right now is trying to confuse him. Oh I completely agree. I mean the eagles played a lot of they played a lot of two shell and practice this week. We saw it again today. I knew the middle and I think you could even cam said something about this in the postgame. They knew the middle of the field was going to be open the scenes the middle of the field against this defense. It was open. You know they saw some things on film from the practice. It was not a challenging week quarterbacking wise and they're going to be many tougher days ahead for both of them. So you're absolutely correct Chris. So Greg you had a tough week with Adam Jones and I heard he would try to find out ones that when does the season actually start? There's a little heat on that one. I mean we're two weeks away from week one is just you know still the preseason in week one this year? What is Jones feeding you questions now? Where's the Jones Twitter burner account? You know sending stuff in. You're getting frustrated.

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