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Pa martin. Well have you been up till recently got new. Microphone whereas a see yeah. We can't see visible as the whole down point aside. I've got a shotgun microphone which is on a fixed. Boom and as you can see me listeners com. It's just just the it's about six inches from my face but just to show up not him from upwards above above my head pointing down at my chin. And i got this because upping doing that. They're live streaming on twitching youtube for well-nigh now an really hate that kids. My massive microphones sort of youtube stream. Arrest take you know. It's basically look up by equipment. And i don't like it And i tried to move my yeti pro mike alpha boom arm of the way but it's not designed to be used that way so it sounded a bit crap right. It's fine for podcasting but when we were podcasting as well it was always in front of me. So i e the see the show notes or you but not both at the same time cy. I've now got this. So i can see what the heck on doing and Don't look like one of those youtube no pets with a massive microphone. So when you say shoka mike. Is it like a directional thing. So even though it's far away points out you and if he's pointing at your mouth then he'll still pick up exactly so yes so it's about twenty centimeters long and thin and long and points directly at my face.

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