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Twenty manslaughter after the arraignment attorney Lee kindling took issue with those who say Hussein is a flight risk because his father is in another country. The is the law. We're all supposed to be perceived equally. And if my client's name was John Smith. Then maybe the arguments have been made that he's got connections to other countries judge ordered Hussein to wear a GPS tracking device in the meet with his probation officer every week town clerk who refuse to issue a same sex couple of marriage license last summer has apologized. Jerry Erickson clerk in the Montgomery County county route read a brief statement outta town meeting last night calling the Mandarin unfortunate incident, her statement requirement of the sentiment the town rage with Dylan Thomson and Thomas heard that also included in unspecified cash payment the couple sought a marriage license, but we're turned away by Ericsson because of her religious beliefs. He told the couple at the time they needed to schedule an appointment with a deputy clerk and come back. Another time to later obtained a license in Cobo skill like, Patrick NewsRadio aid, Ken, we'll know three one. WG wise, Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the federal department of labor to investigate. How workers were recently let go by friendlies past weekend. The restaurant. Chain abruptly announced it was closing Twenty-three more locations, including fourteen in central and western New York, and Alexa is listening. But not the way you may think Amazon's Alexa device as opposed to listen and respond to your commands. But no one said anything about recording them. But that's what was on employs are doing. According to Bloomberg news, seven former Amazon workers reported that employs capture as many as one thousand clips per shift, even sharing amusing ones among themselves. They added the recordings also captured things like a sexual assault. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the process and said, it's designed to train its speech recognition systems till Alexa, can better understand. Your requests Carmen Roberts. Fox.

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