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Group of deaf and hard of hearing college students who attend Gal at University which is a federally Chartered Private University for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing located in Washington, DC, I actually used to live down the street from the school. The executive producer is death activist model and actor Nile Demarco who by the way is one of. The hottest guys I've ever seen in my entire life I'm thrilled to tell you that I have roped Chris Derosa into watching the series. He's a TV producer New York sitter. New. York City he's worked on shows like real housewives of New York and is also an avid fan of all kinds of TV scripted and non scripted. He reviews new TV shows on his instagram at side I- reviews. Chris is the best friend that you WANNA have welcome to the show. I am literally. So excited we've been talking about doing this forever and when I turned on death few I watch literally thirty seconds of the first episode and I immediately message was like, Daffy we're doing it. We have to I I must recap this on your program I must do. Well between this endorsing Stacey I feel like the clouds parted and this is really an episode of dreams. What an episode I'm like I can't even I've been watching Darcey like fun fact I did a TV spot on and she went on right after me and I got to meet her like for one second and just say hello like I'm obsessed with you and she literally thought I was insane and I like having living on cloud nine cents and now I can use continue that what do you think would happen if Darcy Stacey and Sonja Morgan shot together in a cafe and spoke for at least a half hour about love and relationships My Body just like just like jolted like. I'm having a chemical reaction to the thought of that I think I mean Sonia would be. The best in the world first of all, second of all. I'm my God I. Don't even know what to say like it would be like we would need to film it like there would need to be coverage. It would be the best thing in the whole world she's used to come on and like snap those into shape and be like listen. Let me see. Let me impart my wisdom on you. Day Oh, my God. Oh my God I mean, that would be amazing. So your job as producer first of all, you've worked on Riyaz New York, which is one of my most favorite shows. Tell me one of the funniest moments that you have had during the course of your time on working on the show something that you text your friends and you're like. Oh my God the night that I had I can't even begin to tell you. the TIKI torches. Oh, I Gatti back like that was pretty and there's times when you're working and you are watching something happened and you go I like you already now that we have all this social media like this, he touches her happening and this is going to be a mean. This is going to be like a video like people are gonNA use this as like a reference to how they're feeling like there's times when. You're watching there's certain things that you're seeing and you're like, Oh, my God like I'm live I'm here for this moment that is going to become an iconic moment and so he's dot whole night in general was like up there. I think before that before the teachers happened, it was definitely the night of the Madam Paulette Christmas window unveiling when Ray lose acts like storm Dan believable and like 'cause the Hullabaloo that was. Like that was mayhem and then the teachers brought it up another level. Okay. I WANNA I want to change it up what if we had a spinoff show Darcy Stacey and Ray Center talking about love and relationships. I..

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