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6 80. W C B Good morning, Jim. Hey, Bruce. Great to be with you. Well, I got a couple of things to say. But Give me a minute. Will you? Sure. Um, First thing, it was great that you made the distinction between race and class, because that really is a major. Descriptor of what the issue is, but I would disagree with you on this on the basis First of all fair We do have white supremacy, and we do have vicious racism in this country. It's called the Democrat Party. And As you know, I believe you know, anyway, Cloward and Piven ones who came up with the crisis strategy were the inspiration for Johnson's Great Society program. And they talk about that program being designed to bring them blacks out of the Republican Party into the Democrat party by making them Basically dependent on welfare, and as you probably know, Johnson said. We will have those blanks paying, uh, voting for us for 200 years. But even more important than that. Cloward and Piven didn't want to give welfare to poor people to make them happy. He did it to make them angry because they knew that when the government Collapsed because it couldn't afford to pay all of these welfare benefits that there would be rioting in the streets, and they explicitly said that and so Democrats controlled cities Have deliberately first of all profitable ties and indoctrinated black Children living in inner cities who believe that their victims and to hate the society around them. And then they have created The circumstances that show that that's all true by denying them the economic benefits the things that are like, for example, Trump, you know, gave the opportunity zones. Which were a brilliant idea originally, uh, proposed by Kennedy as enterprise zones and would really help bring you know you can't have that happening, though. You know, Jim Allison, you can't you can't allow the idea. Of that occurring tonight. Can I say one more, please? Yeah. Yeah, you know, and I I think I sent you a pdf. I've just completed a book called Who was Karl Marx? The men the motives menace. Behind today's rampaging American left, and I urge your listeners to get that book because it explains everything explains all those issues. And it tells us not only how and why we got here explicitly starting with marks and moving all the way forward, but then tells us Very, uh, extensive chapter on how we can work our way out of it. Because if we don't we know how the chapter ends. Jim, Thanks for call Appreciated. 410 Wcbm 6 80 folks. I kept debating whether or not to give you actual snippets of Joe Biden, speaking yesterday. And some coherent fashion. But since I really confined snippets of Joe Biden, speaking in a coherent fashion It's time for the Joe Do do do do do do do do do window. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States, one in five miles of highway And roads.

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