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Be living in a time where our sympathy doesn't lie with the person who was battered but it lies with the person who aided and abetted the battery and again tonya harding rough go her parents split up push she didn't seem to have many good relationships going on through life this jeffco luli guy seems like a real scum bag i mean any one that would um uh beat their significant other i mean this is horrible stuff that no real man would ever do and as a society we've got to be very strong and always take that position tonya harding admitted to having at least some prior knowledge of an attack on another skater will speaking the abc news is aiming or rohbock for the two hour truth and lies the tonya harding's story tb special on abc she was careful to also state that she heard jeffco luli and shawn eckardt mentioning taking somebody out of the competition a month or two before the attack but the fact remains that she had an idea ahead of time that something could be done to one of the other skaters ahead of the u s national championships back in 1994 nancy kerrigan was a darling of the figure skating world known for her grason poise in contrast tanya ardian was known for her for her athleticism as a skater and her attitude that was somewhat less poised then what was then expected of figure skaters well that's interesting right and at an attitude that doesn't fit the norm have we just been talking.

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