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And you can forget about two out key middlemen system a n d amorphous company with no ceo is going to destroy them they're not gonna say that but a bit the endless huaxi covered jeff jamie mourns companies amazon jp morgan berkshire hathaway would view this coalition with a very different awestruck attitude i'll tell you if these guys were coming after my business ibj horrified with the endless just wouldn't go there may be there too close to the industry now i read smith sport defenses of the entrench players today at united health and they are doing great i it's fight us they got the wrong enemy optum in that has really helped and take them because the drugs wholesalers actually make the money from containing cost because they buy in bulk or we we've been through worse remember when everyone was worried about form suitable price controls our healthcare industry is fended off a government run single payer system since the truman administration are they really going to let some non profit run right over them but you know what i think it's a bit of a miss apprehension the health care technology hot healthcare industry is frankly not that technologically savvy and while they're lobbyists can stop the federal government is tracks i don't think they can do that not warn jamiat jeff so what do you do with the healthcare stocks your only need samanta locks i think we need to recognize when amazon first trains its guns when an industry when it first takes sees its target and shoes.

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