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Experts Six forty it's, Conway show John McCain passed away, on Saturday And. The tribute, that Brian suits put together is incredible I don't know how long you been working, on. It or if it was just off the cover whatever but it was really good and we're gonna play a little, more of that right here on KFI Senator, John McCain the third dead at the one brain cancer an aggressive form of brain cancer diagnosed a little over a year and a half ago and announcing that he. Would see some medical care for just two days ago and so the we're prepared for this still as as a admire of him still A bit of a shock now we're talking about a landscape without John. McCain John McCain the naval officer wrote a check that as far as I'm concerned Will never be cashed. Because what happened on October twenty six thousand nine, hundred sixty, seven was the beginning of an extraordinary ordeal that is almost imaginable For for anyone to To to. Imagine yourself going through he was born in the canal. Zone to John McCain the second who was the son of a junior officer on a US battlecruiser who would go on later on, to be naval aviator and then a three star. Admiral World War Two this John John McCain Who was John McCain's, grandfather his his father John McCain the. Second also the naval academy and was usually on the. Verge being kicked, out he went to the naval academy at the age of sixteen during prohibition he frequently came back drunk he graduated fourteen spots above above the. Bottom of his class at West Point and and he. Had so many demerits he couldn't even live in the main hall Bancroft hall there was a there was another billet for midshipmen who, had that many credits literally a ship in the. Severn river in Maryland He went on to. Be the commander of US forces in the Pacific during. The Vietnam war John s McCain the third went to the naval academy in the fifties and followed basically followed his father's path He he was a rebel had lots of demerits was threatened with being kicked out Even. Though his father at that point had attained the rank, of Admiral John s McCain the third did make it out. Of the naval academy and, he was basically, the same position that his father was he became a naval aviator unlike his dad but like his grandfather and was almost thirty years old before his first combat deployment in nineteen sixty seven though the US had. Been in combat in Vietnam since the Gulf of Tonkin incident in nineteen, sixty four John s McCain the third intended, for the navy to be. His career dislike his dad and just like. His grandfather but he needed combat time and so it was, on the US forest all that he finally deployed for a for a combat tour and it was on the US's forestall that one of the worst naval disasters in in peacetime Kurd. When aircraft that. We're getting ready for strike, in North Vietnam were an accident occurred in one plane There was there was the type of missile of the day called the Zuni missile and it was a temperamental missile and they had this little issue where every once in. A while with. The aircraft holding it powered up the missile would decide. To launch itself and in this case on the in in. The hangar deck of the, forest all this, missile and this is where there's a lot of people don't get this right and I don't know why because it's it's in his book and it's in the four hundred page accident report but another plane lost. Its missile the missile went right at John McCain's plane which was fueled, up and bombed up they were ready to, go McCain got out somehow. And he was helping another aviator get out. Of his. Plane when a bomb on McCain's plane blew up, wounding McCain in the legs and chest this pre POW stuff the forest all disaster took twenty four hours to control it killed one hundred and thirty four American sailors and it was a minor miracle That McCain and other aviators were not caught up in that fire, but but he had shrapnel and chest wounds he goes into the hospital and he when, he's better he volunteers to, join the US risk risking another aircraft-carrier off of North Vietnam as a as a. Mid tour as a deployed replacement. So they're losing pilots he volunteers to go, in so he joins you assess the. Risk any they had flown. Twenty two missions it was the twenty third that he was shot down McCain was horribly injured not just from the ejection of, breaking two legs breaking an arm but. The fact that he. Was beaten. Badly and then netted in the lake he goes to a hospital and the North Vietnamese we're not gonna treat him at all The North Vietnamese treated American aviators American combatants as war criminals because it was of course it was a war crime. To bomb North Vietnam but it was when they discovered who his father was because the capture of John McCain made, national headlines either I. Don't know who was, doing the upset at the time it probably should not have been a major newspapers but it was, in the major newspapers so the North Vietnamese. When they found out who John McCain was they treated, him and that that's what saved his, life there is a longstanding thing called the code of conduct it was it started after the. Korean war in regards. To what you can tell. A a cap, for what you can reveal. And all that instructs you to. Give nothing more the name rank and serial number in as per the Geneva, conventions in the American code of conduct it also outlines that there's, a chain of command in a prison camp that if you are the senior, ranking man you will take command if you were. Not you will support and defend the Orders of those, who are are in. Command that yes it, is still your duty to escape And that there is a official policy that whoever the first in is they'll be the first of that you. Will not accept parole or, favor from your captor and the men did in the Vietnam. War men did that and they they have the Mark of Cain on them. To this day the first guy shutdown was Everett Alvarez and he was the first one out this was the moment of John McCain's life because, he was dying and nobody would deny that he was given horrible care by the North Vietnamese which as it turns. Out is an actual work rhyme to a point where he was on the verge of death and then the, rest? Vietnamese found out who is dad was and then, his father to get the, the. Date right mid nineteen sixty eight in mid nineteen sixty eight his father Admiral John McCain junior the second was named commander of. All US forces in the Vietnam theater is the commander of the Americans, in, the Vietnam war this POW's dad is Is commanding all American forces that are fighting us so the North Vietnamese went to him and they said. McCain or sending you home, what did he answer I'll tell you when we come back. All right a great tribute to John McCain from our own Brian suits and. We'll come back and finish that up it really is very moving again I don't know how long he worked on it but it really was, good I'm Julius later live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom a greyhound bus crash in New Mexico has killed. At least seven people New Mexico state police officer Ray Wilson says the crash was caused by a tractor trailer, truck? Was going eastbound eastbound lane Trump blows out a, tire crosses over the median, and. Then the bus and the truck collided head on the bus started out in Albuquerque and was headed to a stop in Phoenix..

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