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Gaddi the high today fifty one but no Sunday. I'm sorry. We're going to have some clouds and actually some showers. What is happening on this Thursday in the world of sports? Let's check in now with Jim colony. He's at the wider sports desk with all the latest, Jim. Thank you and good morning everyone after a day off the penguins play at Nashville tonight. It's the first of two meetings between the two teams over the next eight days and both teams have eighty nine points. Course, they're in different conferences face off tonight. Just after eight on AT and T sports. The penguins defenseman you so Rica and forward Joe bland DC to the miners and recall forward, Adam Johnson. The capitals extended their metro division lead by picking up a point in a five four overtime loss to Tampa Bay. The capital's outshot the lightning fifty eight to twenty eight college basketball NC double A tournament. College basketball, the NC double A tournament really gets underway today with sixteen games. There were two play in games last night. Arizona state North Dakota state with a winners. The first game of the day Minnesota against Louisville just after noontime Syracuse plays Baylor in the late game tonight. Syracuse suspended senior Frank out indefinitely for violating school policy. West Virginia beat Grand Canyon, seventy seven seventy three in the first round of the CBI pirates and Orioles this afternoon in Bradenton. Chris Archer is scheduled to start NCW. Wrestling championships starting today a PPG paints. Serena with some three hundred thirty wrestler, schedule compete for the wider wellness center. Sports desk. I'm Jim comedy NewsRadio. Ten twenty Katie K sports. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's.

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