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I was bad Bowl bowl by Billy coming on the great American. These are difficult times. I'm not sure any times have been easy. When I look at what's happening around the country with looting and fires and protest and assault on police the fact that police officers do not want to respond now because their lives are in jeopardy. They have no backup. When they make split second decisions. They don't think they're respected by the communities in which they operate. And by the mayors and governors who have to support them when I look at what's happening in northern Kentucky with embattled Kent County family Court Judge Don gentry. And her attorneys. What's happening out of that courtroom is that sex was for sale in exchange for judicial activities. When I look at what's happening to the McDonald's CEO All the money in the world, and he used his power and prestige to prey upon defenceless women. And I think there's all kinds of difficulties that we see. Hopefully, Brian Tome of Crossroads, Khun bring some peace to the Tri state. Brian Toma crossroads. Welcome again in the Bill Cunningham show, Brian, How are you? William? I am a good as anybody can be in the midst of this crazy time we live in right now. I'm talking to you today. So how could I not be doing good? Two or three issues are percolating in my head like a baby and an empty railroad boss Boxcar. One of them was what's happening repeatedly in a major American cities, which happened in Cincinnati for like, four or five days. And that is a sense of not belonging a sense of entitlement. A sense of what yours is mine. What's mine is mine a sense of disrespect for the law. And so when I look at what happened in over otr from, like three or four days there was about $1.5 billion in investment by Steve Leaper of three CDC and others. Small business owner. Small shopkeepers obliterated when I look at 50% of the restaurants and bars under the governor's orders are going to close when I look at the disrespect for law enforcement. And very rarely is it earned. But what happened to George Floyd was probably not murder. But it was a crime committed against him and causing his death. And I look at every night in Portland, the last two or three nights in Chicago of massive looting. And there was a comment this morning on G n that I monitored that said that black lives matter believes they're entitled to reparations and that is taking flatscreen TVs from best buy or or Gucci purses or those from Louisville. Aton somehow is entitled Mentality as a man of the cloth as a man following Jesus, I want to ask you. What would Jesus do? I think we know what he would say what he would do. But what is speech, too, is a lack of involvement, a lack of commitment something greater than myself that so many Americans feel that somehow we're not all in this together that I'm a victim, and then I have to lash out. Do you sense you've been at those 20 years or so do you sense These are different times. One average Americans feel as if they're entitled to certain things, whether it's sex from a subordinate or whether it's Judge Gentry and and Kenton County, demanding sex from lawyers for a favorable decision or the head of McDonald's Corporation. Having sex with female subordinates. I want to say to you, Brian, What the hell is going on? Well, I have been around for a while. I'm sorry to say that I keep getting older and older. It can't beat back Father time. Not four years old. My God. And I I gotta tell ya, I think our culture has been shifting. Bill. I think that we have gotten We've just gotten off track and I have been a bunch of different origin you talk about just there. I think I think our disrespect for the law and make our disrespect for or disrespect for due process is is in an all time low and, of course. Can we have some things that people are not happy or excited about going on in our country?.

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