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Quarter past the hour time for a check of sports from around the world. Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks Dad. No upsets at the Australian Open is to see drafted Adele advances to the third round with a straight set win as this fourth seeded to Neil Medvedev Later tonight. 16 Alexander Zverev in a seat Diego Schwartzman, playing the third round 15 seed Pablo Carreno, Busta faces 18 Sita. Gregor Dimitrov in the women drop 50 the leader Smith, Selena knocks out 16 year old American Coco golf in straight sets while tonight both third she did know me. Osaka intense six, Rina will The M's are in action by a Munich wins its second FIFA Club World Cup title, knocking off Mexico's Tigris. One milling cutter as Benjamin Brevard. Scores of the 59th minute. The wind for Byron is there six trope in the last 12 months, including the Champions League, dfe poke out and the Germans Supercup amongst others. Elsewhere, Chelsea advances to the quarterfinals of the F A cup of the Wonder when it Barnsley as Tammy Abraham scores alone Golden 64th minute Southampton moves on with the two No one ever. Wolverhampton the F A Cup quarterfinal draws been released with Leicester City hosting Manchester United. Manages to see will travel to average Jane the other matchups subordinate hosting South Hampton, while Chelsea will welcome Sheffield United to Stamford Bridge. All matches will be played The weekend on March 20th The Tampa Bay Times reports that bucket you're Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady will have a minor surgical procedure done on his knee. This offseason. 43 old one is seven Super Bowl and fifth Super Bowl M V P last Sunday as a Fox knocked off the Kansas City Chiefs on Dance Horsemen that your Bloomberg World Sports update Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg, calm the Bloomberg business APP and and Bloomberg Quick Take. This is a Bloomberg business Flash. Everybody 17 minutes past the hour. We update markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg Radio. I'm Brian Curtis live in the Bloomberg Interactive Brokers studio here. In Hong Kong will a rather listless day in markets we have most of the Asian markets closed for the Lunar New Year holiday today, Australia and New Zealand edging a little bit lower the SX 200 Not about 1/10 of 1% 1 of the interesting stories today, Crown Resorts CEO Ken Barton is clinging to his job. He's resisting sustained pressure to quit this after a report said that Crown had facilitated money laundering and that it wasn't fit told a license in Sydney. The Australian newspaper reported that Barton had agreed yesterday to step down. But then this morning Company said that contrary to media reports, Barton had not resigned, and billionaire Li Ka shing has reassigned a portion of his huge steak and zoom video communications to his son. Richard Leigh senior Lee is one of the biggest owners of zoom. He transferred 4.7 million shares to Richard Lee. It still leaves the senior Li Ka shing with a 6.6% stake and zoom that's worth about 8.3 billion. U. S dollars BRIEFLY. The dollar is flat this morning just edging a little bit lower Dollar yen one of 4 76 in New Zealand The ends headaches 50 trading down about 4/10 of 1%. Yield on the 10 year. 1.16% wt I crewed after many days of gains slipping a bit here 57 91 of barrel. All right, That is a look at markets news with that Baxter in San Francisco head. All right, Brian. Thank you. China's responded the BBC's removing Chinese state back broadcaster CG Tien's license last week. The BBC World News has been taken off the air in China. Second Trump impeachment managers have finished their case setting timelines of what the president did and did not do. Says makeup. Pence set up Mike Pence a Nancy Pelosi for insurgents toe look them up, saying they would harm them. At the First Amendment does not protect his Burbage leading up to and during the attempted insurrection. Dr Anthony Fauci in the U. S. Says supplies air increasing there should be enough by April to allow anyone who wants a vaccine to begin getting one. Meanwhile, president Biden says on track to surpass 100 million shots in the 1st 100 days. And he says he's finished deals now for 100 million additional from both Fizer and Moderna, which could even push up the timeline. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says variants will likely become dominant across the country. New Zealand, now set to receive its first batch of vaccine next week is to begin vaccinating border workers after the 20th French France. Health manager Olivier Veron says that although the plateau in cases may be declining, very in cases from the UK now make up 20 to 25% of the new cases in San Francisco. I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg Cherry. Thank you very much for that. We, of course, have a very thing training session across Asia's most markets are away on the Chinese Lunar New Year. Still, we did see the emerging markets continue the record breaking rally. Let's discuss all this and also the outlook for the rest of the year with and very chief investment officer at Will house to discuss her views and thank you so much for sticking around so Today. Here in the Wall Street, we saw the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index again closed at a record high. Of course, it's all been about chips, hasn't it? We have seen as well this semiconductor shortage being addressed. At the White House. What are you expecting in this sector? I think they're still going to be short campaign in this sector. Sherry President Biden has said that there may be an executive order being signed in recent weeks to try to see where these alleys chip shortages. Can be met at the end of the day that they're not manufactured here. So it's got. You know only 12% of global chip manufacturing down here in the U. S. Is going to be very hard to do anything about that shortage near term, and that could be costing. You know the auto sector $60 billion of revenue annually. So I think short term the bottlenecks as long as they exist. I don't see a solution to that. Eminently. It's interesting because Taiwan Semiconductor's I'm sure you know is exploring the possibility.

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