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When you were a kid you gotcha very simply there. We go okay now How did you become a writer. And what your drew you to baseball for. So many of your books man played baseball. They spun t can't The depression he played baseball in the military and then he played baseball and mexican leagues in the late forties early fifties and so it was difficult not to especially when he had posters of joe demise show and later one mickey mantle hanging in the hall and then later they were taken into nine bedroom though it was almost by What what else. Yeah that's that's a great answer tony for sure now. I was thinking when i picked up the book. I'm going to ask tony. Why did you bill morris i ahead of mantle. I didn't know Writers whether it's in hollywood or whether it's books it seems like writers are always the last person on on. The thing is when i first came to los angeles and somebody was telling me this great joke about writers about the dumb blonde. Who fell in love with the writer thinking that would help her career. And that's where and so. I say that as a way of answering your question there which is that. The title of the book was something that The marketing people publishers often have a great influence in handling. And this was one of those cases. Gotcha so he was the one that broke the record you know. You're the one that that he in sixty one he he One and that chariots of fire is at work in baseball. He came out ahead. he did hear exactly right. Tony i get you now now. What the book does folks I learned that a large part of the legend isn't quite accurate. And tony brings out some other points it. it's informative. And and a great read. Dat sorta reshapes some of the preconceived history. We have a few new angles. You bring out for sony. Well i hope i did. I you know some of that is the nearest mental relationship. Which not so much that has been misunderstood. So much as it was mistreated. I think from the way it was written about there in the late fifties early sixties. Not unlike what happened with marissa mantle mantle and demise show in early fifties. Now one of the things that i enjoyed About the book was learning about the old professor himself. Casey stangl who later managed the mets. He wasn't the guy that everybody thinks he was. Was he tony well. He wasn't when he was a genius. His own right He had been a Players you know. His pedigree is the achievements of casey single not to be denied. The problem the casey stangl ran into like all of us. You know age catches up and there's no arbiter for that and Nineteen sixty that will series who wouldn't have pitched eighty four three times that they'd had a chance there and he was available white. He wanted to pitch cake. That was probably Biggest mental..

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