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Know that. Yeah. Girls are stronger faster. Smarter than you. Like me because I'm all those things. That's what that's the inference there in. That's all. We live in an era. Now, we're all you say you go girl. Chris Christie is a big fat pig Melissa McCarthy comedy genius. Sort of separate the line. Now, don't say anything you stay in your lane. You don't say anything that. I'm worried about this Lynch to store. Oh my goodness. She's see so upset they took away her Instagram account. Apparently people were reporting it as spam. So I don't know if she was just. You know, these people they put things on Instagram, and they show you like a bottle of something that they're drinking or whatever. And then suddenly it's like an ad, but you're supposed to make that clear with your hash tags. You put those hashtags advertisement hashtag and hashtag influence or whatever they think they are. But it's a lot of people. And oftentimes it is females and they're they forget the where a lot of their clothes, and she's one of them. Her name is something or other Jesse something or other and she's very upset because they've shut down her Instagram account. Jesse Taylor in Tampa Florida and here, sadly, I'm able to look at some pictures over right now. And she's got a kind of a. Cd word on her hats on one of the photos and the other one she's she's very large chest, and she's all hanging out of and all that business. That's her thing. I'm not objectified. Her show. I'm letting her you be real girl, you'd be your new tell your truth girl. That's what she's doing. But apparently Instagram shutdown her account. Oh my gosh. She's really upset about a two. She's afraid she'll have to go back and work at McDonalds. I was reading reports she doesn't want to do that. She doesn't have any skills. She said Giancarlo vacations. I could never work a normal job. I'm worthless. I am I bring nothing Djabel zero. I bring nothing to the table when it comes to that. I always get fight with people. I was getting Donna places not work material. I would never be work material. He reportedly me on mother. Sees.

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