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Big block of blue nonsense eighteen minutes straight yeah pretty much and i'm just saying from to the fucking johm sane is joel two something like sounds like you know that's all you say about wrestlemainia and he was he was happy to listen i think that part of part of the good host is knowing when to win to take over and and build it back up and i think cranston has a very good way of of kind of pushing you into a conversation like triggering conversation tate we do waver coaches in episode i go the think seeing the lot of diet which i'm a bit south of chris very dieted no doubt it will but it was a sort of pilot episode of something he was colin crowd of too low so es couple episodes of that recorded he is so sick guys that east constantly growing up every day at basically he wakes up and decides gonna throw out today probably my still go throw up in an hour maybe not okay about a work but crime for stations is like a little love product he has conversations with people it's not out i don't know when it will be out but i'm sure it's great audio love to listen to it sometime yeah us it sold look very good show not to my own all yeah all crowding is a very good very good hosts while foot surveying what kate coyne of hosted the paul or actually when.

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