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Time you wanted something like i felt we'd save the wooden fly wall as the walk up to the place on. Excuse me so you have the. Oh shit sorry. I mean you know they get so. It wouldn't flag up waiver as if the flags waving but as long as you go to poolside order. They just kept putting on tabs. Yeah pretty much. What was the typical kind of these freshly squeezed granny. Smith apple juice Look like cloudy. Yeah yeah yeah. It was good so that onion rings and just good old-fashioned taste burger. But it's good. It's just every tastes good when you're in. We went full vegetarian pizza. Yeah it was a damn good vegetarian pizza. I can't go wrong with and it was a drink cold and emotion. Yeah and that was. I think i think it might have been a motel. That was unreal. Yeah all right. Let me fly out one at you. Let me just have a quick. I'm scared remember at a all soft again. It's not okay. Instilling foreplay please. This'll be interesting because he you. I'm not exactly sure sometimes like asking questions that are kind of no we answer is going to be but this one. I don't actually know what the answer is going to be. You got me. Draw your best karaoke song. You know i was going to ask you that because now you like seeing share best karaoke song you not to be honest. I've never actually. I think i'll try and pick one. But i've never actually d done kariuki itself like oranim walk into a restaurant doing done kariuki but in a group that's like i know it's all the same like i haven't gone is who's up next and like my hand. I've never had been that courageous but like we've done like you know the whole group song and everyone jumps up and is about fifty people in the background. Just going oud. No reaction actually see prophecy..

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