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Twenty is off to a great start for for space exploration. We've always seen several successful missions. Including SPACEX launching a couple of Star Lake missions which is going to provide Internet access to areas of the world previously underserved and some that are currently being served by other Internet providers. We've also seen the incredible inflight. Abort test from spacex making a major major headway for the commercial crew program we hope to see actual astronauts launched from US oil possibly as soon as April. It's been incredible credible year. And we're so excited but also exciting is the future of space exploration as it pertains to us the general audience. What's out there for us us? Well we do have interview coming up with a Tim Alatorre. He's with the Gateway Foundation and they're developing a luxurious space. Hotel Hotel which will tell you about in just a minute first. I'm going to introduce my friend. Richard Guenther as we explore. This segment called Your Space Journey This is worse. Richard tells us what inspired him about space. What he's most looking forward to your space journey? This is Richard Guenther from the digital media zone and I always podcasts about. Diy Home Automation called home odd. I remember my family. Fostering my first interest in the space program even as a little child I recall seeing the moon landing very little. My mother made sure I watched that historic event. Even though it was very late heck I even had a framed cross stitch pattern. My Wall that commemorated the landing. I think it was a gift from my grandmother so remember excitedly watching the first shuttle launch and landing with fleet all and excitement and of course the moment I learned of challengers faith was one of those few events that permanently into my memory. The exact location the people around me even the sound of my friend. John's John's voices. He told me it was then. I realized I'd likely never traveled to space in. My lifetime is a civilian eyewitness. My first launch fifteen or so years ago that's shuttle lit up the night sky not unlike the space x commercial resupply service launch chuck at night close saw through Nasr's social media outreach program. Aw I'm so excited to see the increasing activity and interest in space exploration again as we humanity prepared to revisit the moon and explore are the possibilities and opportunities available living off won't be among the lucky ones to experience that I hope and expect the next generations will. We'll think commonplace your space journey while. Thank you Richard for sharing your story. Really the appreciate it and folks we'd love to hear what fascinates you about space if you'd like to tell us a little bit more about your passion for space what you're most excited about for the future of space expiration. Just go ahead and give a call voicemail. Call us at three one seven eight six to forty seven hundred or email us an audio or video clip less than in two minutes please to send that email to info at your space journey dot com. Be Sure and tell us your name where you're from and what you're most looking forward to about the future of space exploration expiration and where your passion for space game all right now. Let's talk. Space hotels let intrusive special guest. Tim Allah Tori. Tim is the senior design architect of the von Braun Space Station and incredible new Space Hotel underway by the Gateway Foundation. Tim Is over twenty years. Experience in Habitat Design Graphics. Web Design programming and engineering. He obtained a degree in architecture from cal. Poly and is a licensed architect in California and several other states waits for the last nine years he's also worked at consulting subject matter expert for the State of California. Here's tim talking a little bit more about the foundation and his role role there. The Gateway Foundation was organized for the purpose of advancing starship culture and we have thousands of members across the world and more joining every day. And we all have to singular vision of trying to advance the movement of humanity into space and the latest project of the Gateway Foundation. It wasn't backup. The main goal foundation is to build the gateway which which will be a large city light station station in space and the first step towards that is the von Braun Space Station and so my role with the company. I am the senior design architects. And I'm chiefly responsible for all of the interiors habitable portions of the bone space station. I'm also my staff and I. We are doing the team. We're doing all the visualizations animations graphics whole station but myself and Dr. Tom Spilka who is a senior engineer ran. He's as the system architect for all of the the the main structural components and He's developed a a really important structural a spoke system which actually has a patent on it. The two of us we're the primary designers the entire station now. Of course working on the space hotel is truly amazing so I had asked him where his interest in space began in what fueled his passion. Here's talking about that. I have been fascinated with space ace and design and architecture since I was a kid so I started my whole design career really in elementary school and I had the singular goal throughout all of my adolescence of being an architect doc and a long way. I've been fascinated with everything space. I grew up watching Not The original star Trek but syndicated a The original Star Trek Syndication with my dad. And then of course you know Next Generation Start Star Wars in all these great science fiction things. We've all grown up with and so when the opportunity came in it's really been Just a a series of serendipitous events allowed my path across with Gateway Foundation. And you know when the opportunity came for me to participate it was a no brainer. I said yes of course and so Over the last several years now we've been working really it closely together on what we hope will be very first space station with artificial gravity. We'll see that's where I'm really impressed. Because I'm against the site gateway speeds baseball DOT COM. You have just one animations and wonderful descriptions of just how in depth that you and your whole team has been in developing the gateway and you mentioned this before but I understand. The first goal is to develop sort of a robust space construction industry. You know we gotta be able to contract and space then the first artificial gravity station which is called the Von Braun Station and then finally the gateway tests a little bit more about this verse components. Yeah I think you hit on. Probably the key part they are is being able to build large structures in space right so if you look at the International Space Station By comparison to what we're wanting to deal with the Bombay station or even the gateway it's tiny but every station leading up to the International Space Station was Larger in another evolution. International Space Station was the first As far as I'm aware of the first structure in space that was built of component parts that were then assembled in orbit and so The National Space Station or relied heavily upon man's spacewalks eventually sleep with Canada arm and other robotic of tools that are now in orbit a lot of docking in other extra vehicle or extravehicular activities can be done with unmanned systems but Probably mentioned another company volunteer which is orbital assembly and that's a California based space construction company which really is hand in hand with the Gateway Foundation so orbital assembly is the construction on the Gateway Foundation overload. Assembly is working to develop all of the the the robotics and the man pods is that will assemble the station. So credible bit the von Braun Space Station itself the main familiar with the structure of it. But there's a is basically to think of like a bicycle wheel here's a center hub and spokes radiating out with an outer trust. We call our outer ring trusts so the outer green trust in the inner trust will be prefabricated. Steel components prefabricated earth or might be going aluminum. I can't remember ever return them back right. No metal component which will be fabricated here on earth and then in orbit they will be positioned and welded and there is a robotic assembly Component that. We're calling the tall which stands for the von Braun Trust simply line and and it's essentially a mechanism where the raw materials get fed in one end their position in the line. Then they're welded. And then the trust comes out on the other end. So we'll be able to fabricate the entire trusts in orbit out of component parts and then the the spokes in the Hobbs in the habitable. Horses will be assembled goal to it so The technology is all. There is just a matter of getting all the technology in one place towards a singular focused.

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