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Hey guys just. A reminder are of over five hundred episodes is now free on itunes tunes on Gilbert podcasts dot com on soundcloud and other platforms. But we need your help to keep bringing you. The world's greatest and most celebrity scandal friendly podcast show sign up at Patriae on dot com slash Gilbert gottfried in December at a five dollar level or higher. Ed You'll get a free gift from Gillan frank that US in in case you haven't been paying attention that's Patriot dot com slash Gilbert gottfried and we thank everybody for the generous support Hi this is Gilbert. For God's forgiveness is Gilbert Godfrey to mazing colossal podcast with Bykovo. Frank Santo Padre our guest. This week is a musician. Record record producer a grammy and Emmy winning an Oscar nominated singer songwriter and one of the most popular recording artist and live performance foaming at the last fifty years. You know his dozens of popular songs for both. With one time. Musical partnered Jim Messina and as a solo artist including how say poop corner. I Danny saw your Mama. Don't own dance angry is this is it. Celebrate me home. Don't fight it whenever I call you friend and heart-to-heart Justin the name of you. He also contributed unforgettable songs. Such as footloose danger zone. mid meet beat me halfway. Nobody's fool and I'm alright day. Hit films including top gun. FOOTLOOSE and caddyshack. Earning him the nickname king of this sound drags in a prolific career spanning six decades. He sold one one d five million albums one. Two grams. Sure as recorded numerous gold and platinum albums uh-huh and worked with music icons.

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