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Greg. Yes, Nancy creek, Jordan, Harold Jordan homicide. Imagine, you know, why should come down here to the morning. They said it had something to do with my roommate. Is if you think you can take it we'd like you to make the identification. I think girl she's right here under the sheet. Righty? How did you happen? Cover up Allie trace, the laundry, Mark. I'm pretty sure we knew who she did it happen. He was found in a river. She was dead before she went in strangled. Why by we don't know? We thought you might help us with that to tell us what you know about it. He's not much to tell. She was a wonderful girl came from out of town out west somewhere. She. He would not the way she looks now, but she was beautiful Houston do modeling and avoid Frenchman. Went out with a lot of different men. Everyone liked her. I can't understand Buddhist for. Few photographers, but mostly painters sculptors. There was gentlemen Clayton. Roth. Perfect. I think she was posing for both Clayton..

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