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President Biden today, signing an executive order that lifts the Pentagon's ban on transgender people serving in the military President Trump had put that order in place doing was enabling all qualified Americans served their country in uniform. Essentially restoring the situations against me. Forward Chan transgender personnel qualified and every other way. Serve government in the United States. Military Ohio Senator Rob Portman will not seek reelection next year. The Republican has been in the Senate for a decade. He also served in the House and is the top GOP member on the Senate Homeland Security Committee. In Indiana teenager believed to be involved with a mass shooting that left six people dead, is in custody. The Indianapolis Metro Police Department says Detectives identified and arrested a juvenile suspect early this morning. It comes after they found five people, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child shot dead at a home Sunday morning. Louisville man accused of killing his mother is facing more charges for an incident at the jail. Here's Will Clark Kindred Kinamore was already in metro corrections accused of killing his mother, Tracy Kenmore, inside of her cane run, rode home in December. He's charged with murder and domestic violence in that case. He's now charged with attempted murder and strangulation. After an incident inside of metro correction and arrest citation says that Kendrick Kinamore was caught on camera punching and kicking another man and then using his jail issued shirt to strangle the victim until he lost consciousness. Corrections officers had to use force to remove the shirt from Kenna more and we're able to separate the two men. Will Clark News Radio 8 40 wh s Governor Bashir's Koba 19 Briefing is coming up at four o'clock. I'm Paul Miles news. Radio. 8 40. Wh A. Yes. Thank.

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