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In the summer of nineteen eighty two have now said no such party a curse and today both the Republican chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the democratic chair of the house Judiciary Committee said they would not support it teaching Cavanaugh. so that's from CBS by the way this whole thing is moving in the complete opposite direction the liberals wanted to to took to go in sure and and I want to play this this is Joe Scarborough on MSNBC. okay yes I just could not read because it's just you know the wonderment like I can't believe they wrote the story have you been paying attention the last two and a half years Joe no wait a minute you been part of promoting the conspiracy theory that's right the trunk was a traitor included with the Russians to hack the election all right so let's let's play Scarborough from yesterday why why is there this glaring mission in The New York Times story there were Mollie Hemingway and others on Twitter were saying that in fact she had no recollection of this happening and her friends we're saying the same thing. and I could not believe the New York times would write this piece. without that information contained and it. I are you surprised twenty four hours will it was twenty four hours went by before they clarified that fact and let me just ask also or producers just put in there that is Max tire may be respected but. was it not relevant to note that he was opposing counsel on the other side of Brett Kavanaugh and the Monica Lewinsky legal proceedings I and I just I don't understand why they didn't put this information in the article and here we have again the New York times phase where. Kevin was accused of something and and again in the very woman who was. the alleged victim in this alleged incident is saying she doesn't recall it happening and so. hi I'm I would just caution Democrats to call clear macaskill and talk to her and ask her how that worked for her yeah and other democratic Senate candidates in twenty eighteen and in terms of politics this may have been an important story to cover and to and to watch and to feel deeply about during the same plaza for to hearings but it didn't work for the Democrats and here we go again here's how twenty twenty Democrats are responding Elizabeth Warren Kamel Harris better o'rourke Julian Castro have called for cabin ought to be impeached well Joe Biden and Amy clovers are have called for further investigation that's were personally I think they should be we don't have all the information he booted judge reportedly told CNN that cabin out doesn't it cap or not doesn't resign he should be impeached there has not been any new statements from any of the candidates since the times updated the story overnight. because we had asset when you're good because we've got the update on yesterday's show we said are they gonna come out and of the other can it's going to say something about it with the updated information now they didn't know if it even MSNBC noticed it again this is how bizarre this entire thing is this is how desperate the the we believe the the left is and look we don't believe it was a mistake we don't believe it was because of a hasty editorial decision to insure that you just protected the name of the alleged victim as the writers of the essay and the book I've actually said but it was a day yesterday the did two things number one because of the more information the book that came out about. steam Blassie forwards for you no one ever really really good friends that says now she didn't believe it and that the allies. of those trying to defeat Cavanaugh convinced her to say the things that she did back then and now she doesn't believe the allegations. that her friend is making and then the other information coming out that the four friends. told the reporters the four friends that she said were at that party all have come out and said the party never ever happened. so not only can trump take this and use this at we use this for a significant period of time. that's why I said will anybody be talking on the story about about this on the left or do they have to drop it by this Friday because now advantage advantage trump advantage Cavanaugh but advantage for trump that he's going to use this and a bit of it as an example of absolute fake news and I believe also his campaign will pound on the Democrats calling for impeachment on a day when information came out that discredited the first major witness. completely discredited her with the new information that came out in that book. and the fact that every excuse me the majority of the democratic candidates jumped for impeachment before the fax came in he's going to be able to use this as fake news and also as exoneration for Cavanaugh and also to show what the Democrats will actually do how far they will go when you have discussed from the number one liberal media outlet in this country as to what's going on it was not a good day not a good weekend for Democrats on a story that when initially came out they said while we're just gonna destroy Cavanaugh and trump we can impeach Cavanaugh this is a great victory and another one is flush right down the toilets for those hoping on the left that they can defeat trump and what trump is done well I I think the the biggest point there is that it demonstrates exactly what the left is willing to do. this. with the entire. Russian scam. the whole. Muller investigation. and. think about what I learned from the inspector general in a matter of days. through the Attorney General who might be taking action likely will be taking action at some point if what was broken he's going to be taking action some town sometime likely between now and election day next year. so because. for those who hate trump it's not going to do anything it's not going to budge them. for those who love trump they're still gonna love trump. the people in the middle. this is what it comes down to. other people in the middle that want to be that that I don't know may have supported Democrats in the past. that look at them for the behavior during the the cabin all think remember the whole camp rock confirmation process that was the the awakening of violence occurring. I mean if you think about the rebirth the re birth of Lindsey Graham. I mean you talk about lighting a fire because of the behavior. of the activists that were sitting on that committee. but then beyond that this whole thing. that was ushered in as if it was something it wasn't. thank you pair that again. with Russian collusion obstruction James..

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