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We're expecting to build a Blasio to jump into the race, maybe Tom swazi, others, should we expect you to be to be getting in soon and how are you thinking about the sort of politics of this primary that's coming up? Well, we're going to be making an official official statement in the coming days. I don't think there'll be a much surprise, but we're going to be talking about the exploratory committee and officially saying what we're going to be doing. We did try to make it very, very clear as voters were going into the voting booth that this is something we were strong starting considering just so we can be honest. And I think I know from what I've seen that that voters to your earlier question are rejecting politics as usual, they're literally rejecting the status quo. And I believe our message is one that's in line with that. Democrats are failing to capitalize on. That voters don't want the politics as usual. And they don't want the status quo anymore because they realize that it didn't work for them before the pandemic and it certainly didn't work for them now. And Republicans have gotten that message. And they're willing to destroy the country on that message. Democrats haven't gotten that message. Even when it's when it can help heal the nation and keep the nation united, even when it is actually the right message. You know, the vision that we have always put forth is rooted around pushing back on the status quo on behalf of the people of devil representing. I don't think anyone else would have a similar message. I was one who didn't think latisha James was in this race that you would get in. Can you explain to that point about that message that you think is unique to you about pushing back on the status quo? What you think really separates you because it seems like, yeah, go ahead. Happy to have a conversation when we make an official declaration. But I will say again, what I haven't seen exploratory committee, we're not going to we're going to primary focus on the vision that.

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