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Those Man Respond to that hurt my throat You know just oh they said what. They shouldn't say anything at all last year's NFC. Divisional playoff matchup between the saints Vikings is one that will certainly remember for a very long time with the saints up one case keenum found Stefan digs on that sixty one yard touchdown miracle as time expired to give the Viking stunning twenty nine twenty four victory when, appearing on NFL network on Sunday Sean Payton discussed what he would have. Done differently late in that game I would definitely say For someone who was really studying that game there was a third one before we kick our field goal and we weren't able to convert that third one, we kick the field goal with twenty seconds left in the game that. We've been able to You just get the one yard we would have easily been able to run the clock down to, three seconds and hopefully kick the field goal and and not give the Vikings another possession so I would say that would be a play that I beat myself up over we think about a lot and. And That mattered in that game a lot? I get it I I asked. These questions all the time I understand it but what are you. Going, to, say I wish we tackled Stefan digs I wish we had let case case keenum. Get that throw off hey Sean let's. Revisit one of the most. Painful moments your life to quote? The wedding singer my parents die. When I was nine she wanted. To discuss, that would we want to? Discuss that he's too young guys like me you know what I'm talking about they said what is neither watch films lavar ball, is that. At once again with another. Crazy claim over the weekend and interview with fantastic view. Because now you know he's he's. So. He's taken so seriously fantastic's view is where he goes to get his fanatics. You get his message out there fantastic He was asked. How he would do in a. War I hate this guy now. He's doing a one on one battle with. LeBron James I notice, you? Already said you wanna lovers MJ you all day right Okay what about you wanna love. Two week it's a week they came about. Your home to seventy. Two All of them okay. So do we. Have any video it is a YouTube video Okay It was too. Hard My will. Do anything it's gone having, listened. To lavar ball talk that's. Thirty seconds your life you can get. Back and, I apologize they said what many consider now we go from one guy. To a class act many consider Jerry Rice to be the undisputed greatest wide receiver to ever play in the National Football League can count me among those. People over the weekend rice took greatest wide receiver of all time to. A whole new level when, speaking at an event.

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