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A federal investigation still pending mind you he is in the west coast. He landed at LAX last night security guards are with him. 'paparazzi everywhere interestingly, he's nominated for best supporting actor at the fiftieth NWC p image awards for his role on empire. This is happening on Saturday. He is not officially said he is going to attend but TMZ reporting that his arrival in LA is a strong sign that maybe he will. Oh, what's going to happen? They're into the story has yet to be written. And I'm just going to get some popcorn. Yeah. You know, this is not going to necessarily go away. Anytime. Here's my question. You know? I don't have a crystal ball. But I keep thinking to myself this has the potential to either make or break his career. And at this point the way he's walking around with like, you said security guards, paparazzi everywhere. It's making his career. I did not know what Jesse smell that was. No, no, two months ago. We didn't even know how to pronounce name, I know announced it wrong for the first week of the story. I think anybody who thinks they know definitively. What happened or should happen at this point is probably in for some sort of surprised in the next six to eight weeks. America loves a comeback story. How true that is loves a comeback. Olivia Jade who is the daughter of Laurie Laughlin who is accused of paying a large amount of money to get her. And her sister into USC her trademark application was rejected. Isn't this moment of irony? I don't know why I find this to be delighted delightful. It's not nice of me. Not nice. I know. Kinda funny. Olivia Jj newly who is a product influence her. She has millions of followers on Instagram in YouTube. She's had a struggle of time with her relationship with brands since news broke of her parents, alleged bad behavior. She tried to trademark the brands Olivia Jade, beauty and Olivia Jade, but she was rejected because of improper punctuation on her application. Parents had to pay for her to get into USC. And she doesn't know how to how to properly use a semi colon or a comma to delineate between products to be fair. I still have a hard time with semi colons. I don't really understand why we have them. But that's fine. You know, when when to use something to delineate the difference between certain products, Bradley, you would at a minimum be able to you know, furnish a comma. Yeah. Commas semi colons in apostrophes or the only punctuation that should be used in list. The letter specified that the applicant should not use colons. Exclamation marks. Question marks or periods. In those descriptions might also a little bit like. They also offer to the world. And this is just sort of a blanket offering I'd like for everybody to acquaint themselves with the apostrophe and when it's appropriate to use. Most of the time. You think you want to use it don't? Yeah. Yeah. Is me that perfectly grown educated people improperly. Use apostrophes should be all the time. Even like, spelling and things like that. Like, I mean there there's a lot to be learned. And listen, I'm not saying I'm perfect. I'm just saying let's all brush up on the apostrophe is. Okay. That's a good idea. Thanks. I think that we all should what does this made PSA for what it's worth haywire. Let's all take a hint from Olympia Jade and all do better. Barbara walters. Apparently once threatened to quit the view, if Rosie O'Donnell was reassigned. I'm giving you so much information about this book ladies who punched the explosive inside story of the view because then you won't have to read it if you don't know, I so don't shed. I don't want you to and I don't want anybody to honestly. Well, Barbara Walters hand picked the original group of the view. You'll all remember this. This was her show less have you met not bliss star Johns and Meredith Vieira they added Rosie O'Donnell in two thousand six after star John Scott fired. And but by the next year. She and Barbara, we're not friends anymore and the view is getting some negative attention from high profile viewers like Kelly Ripa, Donald Trump. Rosie O'Donnell did not get along with the executive producer Bill Getty back then according to this new book, and so to save the show and her reputation Barbara Walters, reportedly want Rosie O'Donnell out. Apparently, she said if you re signed Rosie to this show Bill, and I are going to quit. That's what she apparently told ABC. Daytime president Brian FRANZ in two thousand seven over dinner at Spago in Beverly Hills. Wow. The reason I cannot stand. This book is because it sounds to me like it is doing nothing more than painting, the women of the view in the light that many people wanna paint women in which is just catty backstabbing, I get that unable to get along though. I do almost have to look at it bigger picture is that anytime you gather a group of people on a show with big opinions and big egos. Man woman child doesn't matter you are going to have conflicts. So I'm sort of trying to be like, it's it's about women because the show features women that being said anytime, you have a group of like big egos like that sure you are going to have drama. So I think it's maybe about the language that you use to talk about, you know, those women because those women are just like human beings like everybody else. Course there's stuff stuff going on behind the scenes, and that's what I find credibly fascinating. Fact, there was an anecdote about because we also don't forget have the other book about the view that's coming out or out the one with her book is called point of view. She's wearing a nice sh- shoulder. 'less top on the front's. Very nice. I like that. Anyway. So you have her. I am fascinated by what's going on behind the scenes because there's an anecdote that she relates where they told her you're fired. And I maybe it's because you know, we don't work in the same industry, but you know, similar.

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