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Follow his lead and called on large entertainment venues to require vaccinations or testing proof. The president also warned elected officials who are blocking vaccine and masking guidance to stop undermining people's health. White House correspondent Greg Clugston those warnings TROUBLE Heritage Foundation senior fellow Doug Badger Because he tells Salem Radio News by and large, it's young people who are resisting being vaccinated People aged 18 to 24 only 48% of vaccinated 25 to 39. Only 52% are vaccinated. They're now getting infected at three times the rate. As people 65 older Los Angeles Board of Education has voted to require students 12 and older to be vaccinated against the coronavirus to attend in person classes in the nation's second largest school district. A former Venezuelan spymaster is arrested in Spain on US drug charges. Police in Spain have arrested General Hugo Carvajal, a former Venezuelan spy master wanted on narcotics charges in the United States. The arrest in Madrid came nearly two years after Spain's high court issued an extradition order and Carvajal disappeared. Carvajal faces narcotics charges in New York and Florida over alleged ties to Colombian rebels known to control cocaine smuggling routes. Carvajal has denied any wrongdoing. I might grow Garcia on Wall Street. The Dow down by 151 points, the NASDAQ dropped 38 the S and P lower by 20. More on these stories at town hall dot com. Right now. People are home with their pet more often, and I think, especially with the shedding their more cognizant of what's going on in that it's an actual issue. All of God, some skin issues you get really going and scratch and.

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