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Is kennedy now. Looks very different. Headley enough security within just a random guy that looked nothing like him and said oh my god what is worthy of the conspiracy and this would be more of a celestial one is the kennedys have had the craziest luck bad luck. I mean that's the simulation. Yeah it's really hard to imagine a family that dealt with more crazy stuff. I mean just one after another. Oh yeah and you can see why any of them dying still seem suspicious when you look at everything. That's come before. So i can see why people treat the pain crash ninety nine as another conspiracy but also like bad luck happens. Yes and all of them are so public that we're going to hear about the crazy stuff. Most families do crazy stuff. But you don't hear about it tardily a another chance thing about the whole. Jfk situation jfk was actually talking to his special assistant. Kenneth donal just before leaving for dallas and these were the words that he said just before we got to dallas. If anybody really wanted to shoot the president of the united states it would not be a very difficult job to do. Get into a high building. Someday with telescopic rifle knows nothing. Anybody could do to fiend against such an attempt. Oh my god. He ordered his own assassination. Is right there imprint. That to me is like what are the chances of just like very specifically talking about the way you're about to die just before it happens again. It's just chance it happens in life. Wow is there a theory that he was a part of it. The will be yes it will after this. The absolutely will be okay. We know the defense we know they're attacked which was insanity. Which is i think stupid. I think he could have definitely got them off on the finding your wife in bed with another man absolutely leap and moment of passion good manslaughter. Something was the prosecution's position that it was straight premeditated or that he just went there to get a look at this guy and when he saw me snapped and shot him. What was their position. Pretty match just that. They weren't even going for premeditated no that wasn't their thing. No okay what. If part of the defense was when they were trying to prove that he was crazy they just had like witness after witness that had their ass beat by him at the restaurant and they were razi. Listen i just. I tipped eleven percent. It wasn't great service in. He came behind the bar. I do love. He was as ironbound too. I love so-so match guarantee if we check up in ten years and you say what do you remember about the jfk episode. It'll be the sole thing that i hold onto for life. That jack ruby was his own bouncer of go other story that dan told me about jack. Ruby i'm going to pay at the end. That is better than all of this thing. I never heard but before that this is dan. take on. Why it definitely wasn't a conspiracy that jack ruby colognes world. Let's clear this up. The most regular conspiracy at ruby gets dragged into is that he had visited cuba in nineteen fifty nine and there was a well known mobster who is imprisoned there at the time and if you believe that the mafia was behind this then you can try to link jack ruby. Through his sort of low level mob connections. You know he'd been from chicago. Where again new some mobsters but you talk to. The people really knew him and he was actually more focused on pleasing the police. Then he was on trying to ingratiate himself with mobsters or or the mafia. Look if there was a conspiracy right if oswald was involved in a conspiracy. That's certainly magnified by many times. The chances that jack ruby was involved as well. But i view it from a different way having written this book about jack ruby. The evidence that jack ruby was somehow involved in a conspiracy is almost nonexistent. There's no way of all the people blabbermouth jack ruby. Who always wants to be in the center of everything is going to be the guy who they're going to hire to quote unquote silence oswal and the most compelling piece of evidence as to why ruby could not have been involved in a conspiracy. Is that oswald is shot at eleven twenty one. In the morning oswald was supposed to be at ten. Am they had told the media that oswald to be moved at ten am so if you are jack ruby in your assignment is to kill oswald. You're going to be there at nine. Am nine thirty. Certainly by nine fifty eight am when oswald is supposed to be moved. If you are going to be there to kill oswald jack. Ruby goes to a western union at eleven. Seventeen am to send twenty five dollars to a dancer. Who worked at one of his clubs needed to pay her rent. There is a receipt from the western union stamped eleven seventeen. Am the western union. Happens to be across the street right down the block from the police station ruby. seen the activity. He says that he presumed it was already over. He leaves the western union. He goes walks in and literally arrives with one minute. Despair if lee harvey oswald had not decided. He wanted to put a sweater that day. Jack ruby probably wouldn't have crossed paths with oswald that day. Wow does just blind luck and a fiery temper. That's probably what it comes down to how fascinating i get. Why people go down rabbit holes young mike intrigued. Of course the thing that overrides that is like maybe the cops took them off. Maybe they let him know when it was actually happening. That's my theory that does change the thing like how we think about this because this two killings they happen but you have such a different attitude to each one because you know the president being killed you feel different emotionally to that. Then oswald being killed already killa at cycle cycle weird way. Were react to those two assassinations. Oh you don't even give a shit your for me. I'm like yeah okay. Cool good dot saved a bunch of taxpayer money and whatever. I love the point. This is so obvious true that he is not the guy. You're hiring to keep a secret. This guy's a blowhard. He's throwing people all around the restaurant for every minute. He fights he talks about it for two hundred minutes. We know who this guy is. Also he's probably telling people he's got my connection but he doesn't. He's a bar owner of restaurant to your yardley. Cozying up to the cops more than organized crime unit and been seeing many times at the police station. They said he was a regular whatever that means yes so not the guy again. The secrets part. I just always come back to the like how you keep in this secret jack. Ruby didn't tell anyone in prison in.

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