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Paris, Leone, West Chester Township discussed on America's Truckin' Network


Has been politically weak all of his life protests spreading abroad chaos and tear gas in Paris and Leone chucks Iverson ABC news with the latest traffic and weather together just had a look at the traffic cameras the certainly Wednesday morning major delays or accidents right now in the free weights but if you do see an accident or if you get stuck in traffic you know what to do give us a call for two one six three nine seven album his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center from social distancing in pre screening patients to appropriate PP our focus remains on safety learn more at no fear dentist dot com slash patient safety mostly clear for really all of our Wednesday morning low was sixty six an afternoon high of eighty seven at night those storms develop light and a chance of severe weather hello sixty seven on Thursday rainstorms again a high of eighty three from your severe weather station on nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh news radio seven hundred WLW yep sounds like some rain later this week and possibly some storms to end the week but right now you're looking good the radars seventy four degrees news a service of progressive insurance union center in west Chester township was the site of a peaceful protest Tuesday evening as demonstrators gathered at the clock tower police chief Joe hers are exposed to the demonstrators to condemn the actions of the Minneapolis.

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