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I thought danny masterson was like facing justice but i guess the only thing that happened was like he was kicked kicked off the ranch on net flicks rate or what we call justice in this country yet he wasn't getting his d._j. Gigs ray oh yeah. I really fucked with that bar mitzvah but i was planning d._j. D._j. Danny mass shag me too. I don't know if i even want to do this next story. It really fucks me up but guys were apparently not allowed to put cue tips in our ears anymore. We've known that forever so i've been hearing that the small backgrounds lake chatter because you can't hear do all the wax rx impact like that's the thing that came out that we were like no yeah. The doctor sasha right wasn't lossing the other one where it's like. You know it's fine. Nine and people are like well. We're still doing it. We really yeah. There was a whole thing about lossing forcing like like. Wasn't you know i mean it was is beneficial but not in the way that like the dental industry was telling us so this. There's a gizmodo article called cleaning. Her ears with cotton swabs really that dangerous. I'm going to be honest with you. I fully clicked on that because i expected the answer to be like nah the way the headlines written right. You're expecting it to be like no. It's actually fine. It's not as bad and they're like it. Is there's a real life horror tale that they started things kick things off with because a woman when her skull got infected from wisely <hes> using a q. tip improperly your they're just like you should never ever or stick anything into your head. Yeah your ears are incredibly delicate like compared to your other bodily orifices and you just like aren't supposed to be putting anything in there <hes> also don't fuck with ear candling <hes>. Apparently that's not good <hes> but they why is it not good. I think just generally it's like it can puncture eardrum what is putting stuff and it's like you put a candle in anger anger ear and the like lit and basically like pools like creates a suction that draws earwax out of iraq's out you see it. I saw the first first time like in like india or something that's crazy. I've never even. I don't even know anything about that. I one time had i thought i was going deaf in college but it was just a wax spilled up in one of my ears. Had you been a tipping issue tippin. I mean probably i'm a i'm a normal person. I'm a human being you don't use pens now so it'd been impacted in there i don't know but it was really weird and they had to use one of those like a lick those waterguns in my era i they had me put oil or something like the e vitamin vitamin eat the fish oil. I don't know it was like fish oil tablets. They prescribed as me. They're like pop them open and then pour those in your ear raising yes soften it up and then it turned into my the wax into a giant whacks ball and then they came back a week later and they like power our shot my ear with like a water pressure washers so that's something you can do at home is just fire pressure washer and tents gas-powered came out in the wax ball was so big really it was just well okay. It's in a glass case for history. It was it was insane. I was like how is that in my ear and my doctor was like necks. I didn't really get it was reading. I was like damn this true and then a lot of people like it's like if you if some people like they say just simply the water rushing shower will make it out and also the way the your skin grows in your ear. You can like actually just bring the wax out narrowly. Yeah they like the movement of your jaw from talking and chewing like jen like gently like kind kind of works the wax at a year.

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