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Really, well, and I worked at night for the dispatch and went to Colgate. And someone I when I saw the three one five. These days. Everybody's you know, everybody takes their their cell phone number with them wherever they go. And it gives some hints as to where you where you came from what we know you came from terrific background when it came to the racetrack and you exercise road for Barclay, right? That was the origin. That was my first job on the racetrack was an exercise rider Barclay check. But what are you? What got you on the racetrack? If it's a tough decision, I decided to leave the educational world. I had been in ministry for years after I taught middle middle school science and kinda just picked up everything and moved to the union built Pennsylvania area. I become acquainted with the area of through my venting or horse and kind of took a job just for a year, FOX hunting and managing farm and just kind of took a break from life Elson decided, you know, I think every year I come back to and I might as well just try to figure out a way to make it my way. So we are wouldn't believable. And after the time with Barclay moved all the way through and up to being an assistant with with Jimmy toner. And really if you're going to pair up and spend what about this must've been must have been six seven eight years, basically, the unto them. Yes. I think that five years with with Barclay a few left with Jimmy, but yes, both were wonderful mentors. Great horseman to learn from. I certainly learned how to do in the bottom up. Well, and when you look at at your at your growth, and at the, you know, the last three years plus you keep adding layers of wins and and earnings steak success clients. I mean, there's there's so much to this Kelly that that transcends, you know, just the, you know, the nuts and bolts of of the horsemanship, you know, attracting clients and the business management it. It's it takes a lot. And and it certainly it certainly is a high wire act when you when you go out on your own and to be rewarded the way, you have with the the growing client list, and the kinds of is coming your way really speaks volumes. You know, you looking back on it it somewhat overwhelming and exciting to see that, you know, just a little bit of success. And you know, a lot of hard work his brought in some really great clients and some great horses, and that's what it takes to get your name out there a little bit. And I've, you know, working very hard to continue that and hope to continue to join as many nice clients as we can and completely build our builder sable and continue moving forward. But it's kind of it's kind of fun to look back at it and say I started with four horses, and I was the writer the hot Walker. I did have groom. So it's been it's been fun and exciting and overwhelming at times, but certainly worth all the hard work that myself and my team put into it..

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