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To me i took my chances and my chances did not really pay off all that who do i have an a top bracket i don't even remember maybe i'd kentucky going out and kansas state took care of them yeah not not good my brackets were an absolute mess we want i wanna start tonight show talking about the tournament on the phones if you want to admit that your bracket stink as bad as my brackets two if you want to tell me it was less excited for you because yeah my brackets were busted and i just basically gave up i'll tell you missing out on some damn good basketball and some exciting basketball at that some of the story lines chicago and sister jean and everything hey now i'm a sucker for a good story and i think this has been great and sorry to bruce weber and the all you can state fans out there but i am absolutely of chicago bandwagon they are underway in the first of the elite games for this weekend i'll keep an eye on a score for you if you're not listening to game you're listening to me i'll tell you what's going down just so you know and then we'll talk plenty about the tournament over the course of the three hours including looking at too late game today later game and in the two games tomorrow that will get us duty final four and next weekend you know we've got the phones open at eight five five two one two port cbs that happens immediately whenever i get on the air no guests in our number one so it's all you and i on the phones eight five five two one two four two two seven you know you can tweet the show at anytime at jodi mcmahon j o d y m a n actually got a decent tweet or two before the show started from name today recognize the tweet during my show so i assume they're listeners to the national jody mac attack here on cbs sports radio appreciate those tweets you're not gonna win mac daddy tweeted a day.

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